Kylie Jenner's first eyeshadow palette is here

Kylie Jenner's first eyeshadow palette is here


Text: Renée Batchelor

She's dropped some hints that it was coming soon, and now Kylie Jenner — unofficial makeup queen for the millennial generation — launches her first ever Bronze eyeshadow palette

King Kylie continues her dominance of the makeup category, especially among her millenial fans, with the first ever KyShadow palette in Bronze. The nine-colour palette consists of mainly matte shadows (with a few shimmery shades) in browns and neutrals, which Kylie Jenner has said she has handpicked herself.

Kylie Jenner Instagram
Not sure how to use the pale cream (Jasper), black (Obsidian), champagne shimmer (Quartz), brown and orange-toned shades in the palette? Watch this makeup tutorial featuring Jenner's makeup artist Ariel Tejada to see exactly how the various colours are placed and blended to give eyes that sculpted, 3D look that Jenner is known for.

And if you want an idea of how the palette will look IRL, you need only look at Jenner's Instagram account. She says, "I've been using this palette every day for the past five or six months. Every Snapchat video, every Instagram you've seen me in, it's been this palette. It's been so hard to keep this secret". Jenner goes on to say that all the makeup artists she works with knows that she is very particular about the brown shades that goes on her eyes, and that she feels she has perfected the colour selection with this palette. As for the quality of the formula? Jenner claims that it is long wearing and it blends effortlessly. Tejada says he is really in love with the super pigmented shadows which are very buildable, yet have no fallout, so application is super smooth. 
Kyshadow in The Bronze Palette

Buy the new KyShadow The Bronze Palette here on 26 July