Kylie Cosmetics is expanding into nail polish, Jaclyn Hill speaks up on her failed beauty line, and other beauty news

Kylie Cosmetics is expanding into nail polish, Jaclyn Hill speaks up on her failed beauty line, and other beauty news

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Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @kyliejenner

1. Kylie Jenner has registered a nail trademark under Kylie Cosmetics.

Fresh off her success from (the frankly questionable) Kylie Skin, Jenner has registered a trademark for a wide range of nail products including — but not limited to — polish, removers, nail strengtheners, artificial nails, and nail adhesives. Does this mean Kylie Nails is coming our way sometime soon? Sounds like it. Brace those bank accounts, folks.

2. Jaclyn Hill returns to YouTube to address her social media absence and failed beauty line.

The beauty guru is ready to step back into the spotlight after a month-long absence. As of 25 July, Hill has reactivated her Instagram account and also returned to YouTube with a 19-minute long video titled "Where I've Been...". After expressing embarrassment about Jaclyn Cosmetics' failed launch, she then revealed that she does not intend to work with the same lab for future endeavours. Good call.

3. Jaden Smith shaves his head mid-way through his Lollapalooza Paris performance.

Literally. The singer-songwriter posted a video of his performance at Lollapalooza Paris whereupon he whipped out a razor to trim his tresses. Uh, talk about a steady hand. He later posted a video of it on Instagram, with the caption: #YesICutMyHairOnStage.


4. Stem cells and 3D printing could now make baldness obsolete.

Speaking of hair, advancements in science have made it possible to clone a person's actual hair and then insert it into one's scalp in unlimited quantities. Doctors are still working out the technicalities, though word on the street is that this will be a reality in less than 10 years.


4. Dior drops a fearless new makeup collection.

Hitting our shores 1 August, the Power Look Fall Collection comprises electrifying eyeshadow palettes, pigment-packed liners, and more. Inspired by the cultural frenzy in a modern metropolis, you can expect standout hues matched with equally bold formulations. While we're on the topic of new releases...

Kylie Cosmetics is expanding into nail polish, Jaclyn Hill speaks up on her failed beauty line, and other beauty news (фото 1)

5. Becky G partners with Colourpop once more.

The limited edition Viva range features high-impact, pigment-packed hues that are reminiscent of summer in the Tropics. Think vivid bronze and coral shadows alongside nude glosses with shimmering, holographic finishes.


6. Shawn Mendes discovered his latest tattoo on... Twitter?

Inspiration comes from just about everywhere, right? In Mendes' case, it was from a photo edit created by one of his fans, where the singer was depicted with a butterfly tattooed on his right bicep. He immediately messaged her after, requesting she send over the exact design — and promptly got it tattooed on in the same spot days later. Life immitates art, yes?


7. Justin Bieber shows off a new face piercing and diamond grills.

Eagle-eyed fans quickly spotted Bieber's new eyebrow piercing and diamond grill in his latest selfie. The Internet remains torn as to whether the look is hot or, uh, not, though Jaden Smith and Sean Kingston have expressed their appreciation for the lewk. We highly doubt that Biebs cares, either way.


8. Estée Lauder celebrates the launch of their latest skincare breakthrough with a pop-up.

The release of the brand's much-anticipated Advanced Night Repair Intense Concentrate was commemorated with a pop-up at Ion Sky from 26 to 28 July. The space was transformed into a starry, swirling constellation with countless sleeping pods, stars, and interactive exhibits — all of which detail the Concentrate's various reparative and restorative abilities.