Kris Jenner is starting a skincare line, Becca Cosmetics announces their impending closure, and other beauty news

Kris Jenner is starting a skincare line, Becca Cosmetics announces their impending closure, and other beauty news

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Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @kkwfragrance

1. Kris Jenner will be starting her own skincare brand.

The story broke via E! News, where the entertainment platform obtained documents that reveal both "Kris Jenner Skin" and "Kris Jenner Skincare" have been trademarked. Both labels are said to potentially encompass cosmetics, nail care, fragrance, hair care, and the like. Does this mean we can expect a crossover with Kylie Cosmetics and KKW Fragrance sometime soon? Bet on it.


2. Becca Cosmetics will be closing their doors in September 2021.

And another one bites the dust. The beloved cosmetics label cites the pandemic as the reason behind their closure, where "an accumulation of challenges" proved "more than their businesses can withstand." Still, the brand opted to end things on a positive note, where they advised Becca Beauties to "light your own paths and push your limits." An empowering message, indeed. Fans have flocked their Instagram page to express their dismay; in the meantime, we recommend you stock up on your Becca faves, stat.


3. Estée Lauder is set to obtain Deciem for USD$1 billion.

This is despite Estée Lauder already owning 28% of the company; a decision made back in June 2017 when Deciem's founder, Brandon Truaxe, was still calling the shots. Today, Estée Lauder has publicized their intention to buy 76% of the brand, bringing its full valuation to USD$2.2 million. The remainder of the company is said to be purchased over the next three years. Congrats to both parties!


4. Gwyneth Paltrow comes under fire for spreading misinformation about COVID-19.

The National Health Service has criticised Goop's founder for suggesting that those suffering from long-term effects of COVID-19 try "intuitive fasting, infrared saunas, and herbal cocktails." This all came to light after Paltrow dropped a blog post detailing her own struggles with the condition, where she suffered "long-tail fatigue and brain fog" after being infected. NHS England has since stepped forward to condemn her actions, stating that there is a need to take "long COVID-19 seriously and apply serious science." Professor Stephen Powis then went on to clarify to BBC that "some of the solutions she's recommending are really not the solutions we'd recommend in the NHS." Uh, we figured.


5. L'Oréal names Nidhi Sunli as their latest global ambassador.

It's likely you've seen Sunli's work via Instagram. The Indian model and philanthropist recently made headlines for participating in The Invisible Girl Project, an organisation that aims to end gendercide and infanticide — a situation that widely affects girls in India. "It was so crazy because I didn't see it coming at all," she told Elle Canada. "L'Oréal's other Indian ambassadors are all A-list mainstream Bollywood actresses. I don't think they've had an Indian ambassador who's a model and who also has darker skin until myself. Frankly, I'm an opportunist so I think it's amazing to have a larger platform for all the causes that I speak for."


6. Cara Delevingne debuts a surprising new haircut.

Enter: the shag. And a new brunette hue, we might add. Conceived by hairstylist, Mara Roszak, the new look helps emphasise and enhance Delevingne's great natural texture. "I was inspired by this late 70s early 80s Fast Times skater babe, that feels so Cara," she reveals in an interview with Vogue. "It's got a real rocker/skater vibe while maintaining a natural softness." Hey, new year, new hair, right?


7. Colourpop has dropped yet another Disney-inspired collection.

This time, Bambi. The full range comprises 11 items featuring key characters from the film including Thumper, Flower, and an assortment of spring-time blooms. There are three five-pan eyeshadow palettes; a gel pencil trio; three Lux Gloss shades; a pouf highlighter; and a set of falsies. It's since sold out after hitting shelves 25 February, but we foresee a re-stock coming sometime soon.