KKW Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics has shut down temporarily, more brands join the fight against Covid-19, and other beauty news

KKW Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics has shut down temporarily, more brands join the fight against Covid-19, and other beauty news

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Text: Emily Heng

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1. KKW Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics have ceased shipping out all products indefinitely.

This is due to California's new health measures that were implemented to limit the spread of the coronavirus. As of 19 March, the governor has issued a shelter-in-place order, which forces fulfilment centres for both KKW Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics to shut down temporarily. Both brands have adjusted their returns policy accordingly, and assured customers that they'll still be able to accept orders — though delivery dates cannot be guaranteed.


2. Haus Laboratories has donated 20% of their proceeds to local food banks.

Founder, Lady Gaga, released a statement declaring that 20% of sales made on the week of 15 March will be directed to local food banks in both Los Angeles and New York. This is done so as to provide aid to individuals affected by the closures of schools, offices, and resource hubs. And in related news of beauty brands going up to bat during this pandemic...


3. Clarins funnels their resources into producing hand sanitisers to hospitals.

According to the latest reports, the brand's factories in Pontoise, Strasbourg and Amiens have already produced and delivered 14,500 bottles of hand sanitiser to hospitals. They aim to actively continue production all while ensuring adequate sanitary and safety conditions for all employees. Kudos!


4. Huda Beauty donates US$100,000 to freelance makeup artists whose livelihoods are affected by the coronavirus.

Kattan broke the news via Instagram a few days back, where she expressed her worry for freelancers who would be struggling to find work during these tumultuous times. She then proceeded to announce her initiative, where she'd issue 100 MUAs US$1,000 each. To be selected, users simply have to tag themselves — or nominate someone else — on her Instagram announcement post by 25 March.


5. Jeffree Star teases a new Jeffree Star Cosmetics lip balm.

Not much has been revealed, though Star did disclose that this highly-moisturising pout saviour will be coming to stores sometime soon. He then dropped a sneak peek via Instagram — though it should be noted that it is not the product's final packaging. Intriguing, alright.


6. Gavin Leatherwood drops a makeup tutorial.

You might recognise him as Nicholas Scratch from campy Netflix hit, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, but as it turns out, acting is merely his day job. Or, well, a side hustle, if you will, compared to Leatherwood's true calling: makeup guru. As of late, he's been showing off his chops on his sister's YouTube channel, where he gave her a snatched face using (what else) the NYX x Chilling Adventures of Sabrina palette. Fingers crossed he does a hair tutorial next — how else how are we going to recreate his luscious waves?


7. Jonathan Van Ness shaves his beard.

Joining the long list of celebs getting up to questionable things during self-quarantine? JVN. The Queer Eye star shaved off his signature moustache and documented the entire harrowing experience just last week, showing off a goatee that had him feeling "aghast at how he looked." Eep. Luckily, he opted to shear it all off and went with a clean-shaven look instead. Praise.


8. Charlotte Tilbury releases four new Eye Colour Magic Luxury Palettes to create the illusion of brighter eyes.

Named Copper Charge; Super Blue; Green Lights; and Mesmerising Maroon, each palette can be paired with a complementary liner duo to intensify eye hues. Copper Charge, for instance enhances blue orbs, while Super Blue makes amplifies brown shades. Scoop 'em up on the Sephora site beginning 9 April.

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