Kim Kardashian is about to launch a new concealer in 16 shades

Kim Kardashian is about to launch a new concealer in 16 shades

The great cover up

Text: Renée Batchelor

Following the success of its previous launches, KKW Beauty is set to release its latest product — an all-in-one concealer kit that is set to banish dark circles

A good concealer is the ultimate weapon in your makeup arsenal. If  you don’t have perfect skin, concealer is pretty much the only makeup item that will work in hiding blemishes, scars and discolourations. Finding a good concealer is not always easy — besides the right colour, you have to take into consideration the texture, how well it blends and wears on your skin, and how long the product will last. Often you need more than one.

Well it seems Kim Kardashian has a passion for this particular product, seeing that it has been in development for some time under her KKW Beauty brand. She told back in June last year, "We're definitely going to do different types of contours and powders. I have an amazing undereye concealer kit coming out. I feel like I've perfected that over the years — there are so many steps. I have dark circles naturally being Armenian, and it's such a process to really get your undereye perfect. I feel like we've got that down now. I think you need a combination of things. Ours is a four-step [routine]. You can use each of them if you just want a lighter look, one for a heavier look, but it is a process. You do need steps. It's not really one product if you want it completely [gone], like no dark circles, if that's the look you're going for."  


Now it seems that product is set for launch on the 23 March on her website. And Kardashian has really worked on inclusivity, creating 16 shades in four categories, and catering not just to her youthful fanbase, but to older women as well. In fact the campaign visuals features not just women of colour, but her grandmother Mary Jo and mum Kris Jenner — who both agreed to go blonde for the striking images. Well, good looks certainly run in the family, and by using the product on older women who tend to have more wrinkles, lines and crepe-y skin, Kardashian wanted to prove that her concealer was so good, it could work on all ages. Because the USP of KKW Beauty is creating kits, you can expect not just pots of concealer (you can buy everything individually though), but complete kits that include a 'baking' powder to set your concealer a brightening powder and two brushes for complete complexion perfection. At US$80 a pop, it does not come cheap, but hey, good things seldom do.



From US$18 to US$80. Available at KKW Beauty from 23 March