Anti-ageing skincare just got sensorial with Kenzoki’s new Belle de Jour collection

Anti-ageing skincare just got sensorial with Kenzoki’s new Belle de Jour collection

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

The Kenzoki Belle de Jour trio is your everyday pampering treat that rejuvenates and reverses skin ageing

They say there's no miracle cure when it comes to turning back the clock but the Kenzoki Belle de Jour skincare collection might just be the one to kickstart the reversal process. Tapping on the scared lotus — Asia's source of longevity according to legend — as the integral ingredient in the new trio of face oil, face cream and serum, the Belle de Jour lineup is the first of its kind; rejuvenating the skin with anti-ageing properties that simultaneously fight skin sensitivity.

Kenzoki Belle de Jour collection

Cultivated by Kenzo in Laos during the summer monsoon season, the handpicked lotuses provide highly concentrated oleate and glycolysat oil extracts, which in combination with other powerful anti-ageing active ingredients target skin ageing at the extracellular level. Having been tested by research scientists that have proven the sacred lotus' capability to heal itself and resist even the harshest of environments, Belle de Jour is the Holy Grail to treat all signs of ageing, such as wrinkles and loss of firmness and radiance.

The epitome of Kenzoki's cutting-edge skincare science, the collection works on three key areas of anti-ageing by way of preserving, replenishing and diminishing. First, the glycolysat and oleate complex shields skin from daily stress while nourishing the complexion to recover its elasticity and firmness. Secondly, brown seaweed extract aids in retaining skin vitality, as well as in visibly neutralising signs of ageing. And the third element in this powerful cocktail, the Artemia salina plankton, helps restore your glow by going deep into the dermis for a plumped and refreshed complexion. Additionally formulated with deliciously sensorial textures that go on like a dream, regaining your youth has never felt more luxuriously indulgent.

The Kenzoki Belle de Jour collection is available at all Sephora stores from 15 July