K-beauty skincare brand Huxley makes its Singapore debut online and at Metro Centrepoint

K-beauty skincare brand Huxley makes its Singapore debut online and at Metro Centrepoint

Mad about minimalism

Text: Sinead Lee

Airplane cabins have the humidity of a desert, so if anyone knows how to combat with alligator skin, it’s the flight attendants. Which is why we’re thrilled about the arrival of Huxley in Singapore: Korean air crew—arguably the most beauty-conscious of the lot—swears by this brand (according to W Magazine), which harnesses the power of succulents in its fuss-free skincare range.

Staying true to its minimalist philosophy, Huxley builds its moisture-boosting potions around one key ingredient, the prickly pear cactus seed oil. Rich in antioxidants (hello, vitamin E and K) that help promote the skin's own natural defenses against environmental aggressors, this mighty extract does pretty much everything you need to achieve dream skin: lighten dark spots, prevent wrinkles, increases cell renewal, reduce redness, and then some. 

Star products that are available in Singapore include the Cleansing Oil; Deep Clean, Deep Moist and Cleansing Foam; Deep Clean, Deep Moist — all of which work synergistically to keep the skin hydrated and supple. There’s more to Huxley’s catalogue, including masks and oils, so be sure check it all out on their local e-tail and in-store at M Beauty at Metro Centrepoint.

Use: Cleansing Oil; Deep Clean, Deep Moist, $70

The Cleansing Oil has a three-fold effect on the skin: It removes makeup and impurities deep in the skin’s pores while moisturising and protecting the skin. Imbued with their signature Prickly Pear seed oil to hydrate your skin, this is the makeup cleanser for those with dry skin concerns.

huxley skincare brand

Cleansing Foam; Deep Clean, Deep Moist, $40

If you need a helping hand dealing with sensitive skin, you'll want to give this cleansing foam a whirl. The soft, rich creamy foaming cleanser comes infused with blue lotus, tangerine, and blue agave oil to boot, which contains ingredients beneficial for maintaining supple skin and relieving skin irritation.huxley skincare brand

Huxley products are available online through, and in-store at M Beauty at Metro Centrepoint.