JVN is launching a hair care brand, Colourpop’s Animal Crossing range, and other beauty news

JVN is launching a hair care brand, Colourpop’s Animal Crossing range, and other beauty news

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Text: Emily Heng

1. Jonathan Van Ness will be starting his own hair care brand.

Said label will be developed in partnership with long-time skincare label collaborator, Biossance. Or, well, their parent company, that is. JVN broke the news via Instagram, expressing his gratitude for their relationship and further explaining how this felt like the natural next step. "This haircare line is my new baby and this team is the only one I trust to develop a line of products that carries my name and ethos," he wrote. "Together, we're developing a haircare line that will be inclusive for all people, effective for all hair types and sustainable to our gorgeous Earth. We're ready to revolutionize the haircare industry and can't wait to share it with you later this year." We'll be waiting for more news with bated breath.


2. Colourpop teases their highly-anticipated Animal Crossing collection.

Ah, who can forget 2020's lockdown essential? Well, it seems you can now adorn your lids, lips, and entire mien in Tom Nook-approved face paint. Its full line-up includes four eyeshadow palettes; three tinted lip sets; two powder blushes; a shimmery Shock Shadow; and glitter gel. All goods sport familiar faces in the form of beloved characters such as Isabelle, the Able Sisters, and even Blathers. Get those fingers braced and ready over the keyboard when it hits online shelves 28 January. And speaking of exciting new collabs...


3. M.A.C. Cosmetics announces a team-up with designer, Harris Reed.

It's likely you've seen fashion designer, Harris Reed's, work. His dramatic statement pieces have been worn by the likes of Harry Styles, Miley Cyrus, and Zendaya; a flair which he has now brought to a four-piece makeup collection. Described as an "updated vision of glam rock and dandyish dressing," it comprises an eyeshadow palette, luminous cheek tints, lip trios, and a metallic eye liner. How exciting. Get your hands on 'em when they drop 18 February.


4. Zoë Kravitz releases her second lipstick collection with YSL Beauté.

This limited edition range features eight new red hues and are named after some of her favourite cities. There's Midnight L.A., Topanga Sunset, NYC Jungle, and Paris Stroll amongst many others — all of which are housed in a glittery silver vessel reminiscent of sleek skyscrapers. An apt effort, indeed.


5. Jason Wu branches out into beauty.

With his very own makeup line, Jason Wu Beauty. Hawked as an affordable yet luxurious label, it was created in collaboration with NYX Cosmetics founder, Tony Ko. Not only will it be sold at Target, all products are also priced below USD$18. According to Wu, the standout offerings are the Hot Fluff Lipstick; the Freckled Boy; as well as his Stay In Line Lip Pencils.


6. Sephora commits to tackling racial bias in retail.

The beauty empire conducted their first-ever study on racial bias in retail. The results revealed that that BIPOC shoppers are two times more likely than white customers to receive unfair treatment based on their ethnicity. To combat this, Sephora has promised to double its assortment of Black-owned brands in 2021, while also reducing the number of third-party vendors in-stores. More in-house specialists — trained in client care — will be hired instead.


7. Summer Fridays issues an apology after customers begin to complain about their Jet Lag Mask.

The cult product has been receiving flak from consumers, with users experiencing severe skin irritation after using it. After some investigation, the brand discovered that certain product batches at their third-party manufacturing site have been compromised. They then promised to implement stricter protocols in the future, all while arranging the necessary refunds with already-purchased mask. The beauty sphere is, understandably, impressed by the swiftness — and sincerity! — of their actions. A rare instance in this space, alright.


8. Chrissy Teigen gets a spine tattoo celebrating her husband.

That's, uh, John Legend, in case you've been living under a rock all this while. The model got the words Ooh Laa inked; lyrics from a song off Legend's latest album Bigger Love. Even better — she commemorated the entire process by filming and posting it on Instagram. Aw.