Justin Bieber talks Lyme disease, Fenty Beauty does mascara, L’Oréal drops a smart device, and other beauty news

Justin Bieber talks Lyme disease, Fenty Beauty does mascara, L’Oréal drops a smart device, and other beauty news

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Text: Emily Heng

1. Fenty Beauty unveils their first-ever mascara.

Is it any shock that Queen RiRi is still expanding upon her makeup empire? The singer, songwriter, and businesswoman is finally getting in on the lash game with Fenty Beauty's Full Frontal Lift, Volume & Curl Mascara — a do-it-all-er designed to give full-on, fanned-out lashes. Scoop it up when it hits shelves 16 January.


2. L'Oréal's latest smart gadget allows you to customise your own skincare.

This might be the future of the beauty industry as we know it. Meet L'Oreal Perso, the brand's latest smart device utilises A.I. technology to craft up custom formulas suited for one's skin type and environment. According to Guive Balooch, Global Vice President of L'Oréal Technology incubator, it will "dispense a specific product" that is tailored and "precisely made for you every morning." Neat. They also revealed plans to go into personalised foundations and lipsticks, too.


3. California bans the sale of beauty products that have been tested on animals.

It's official: California has gone cruelty-free. The new bill decrees that retailers are not allowed to sell cosmetics that have been tested on animals after 1 January 2020. Products that don't adhere to cruelty-free practices will be pulled from shelves and barred from California indefinitely.


4. Barbie Ferreira is the new face of Becca Cosmetics.

The Euphoria star's involvement will go far beyond starring in the brand's campaigns and advertisements. Ferreira will also be advocating mindful casting within the brand — she will be pushing for diversity in body size, gender, and skin tone while spreading awareness about Becca's collaboration with Jed Foundation on mental health advocacy.


5. Justin Bieber opens up on his battle with Lyme disease.

The singer took to Instagram to break the news, talking about how his condition — as well as a case of chronic mono — has affected his complexion, brain function, energy, and overall health. The infection (caused by bacteria commonly found in ticks) is incurable, and tends to show up as expanding areas of redness on the skin.


6. Skincare label, Yes To, recalls their Unicorn Sheet Mask.

The news came in the wake of numerous customer complaints. Users have reported extreme skin irritation as well as a burning sensation upon application. The brand has since called for a total recall of the product and pulled it from the shelves of major retailers such as Target and Ulta.


7. Tati Westbrook launches two "game-changing" makeup sponges.

The beauty YouTuber has received nothing but praise for her first makeup drop, but that doesn't mean she's resting on her laurels. 2020 brings the arrival of Blendiful, a flat, triangular beauty puff that can be used to blend out liquid, cream, and powder formulations. Convenience factor aside, it also is sold in a set of two comprising one large and miniature sponge so you'll be able to tackle both large and small surface areas of skin.


8. Huda Beauty adds exciting new shades to their Matte & Metal Double-Ended Eyeshadow line-up.

The brand's much-adored matte and shimmer shadow duo stick will be welcoming five new hues to the family — mauve pink (Request Line & Slow Jams); lavender (French Lace & Diamond Drip); olive-taupe (Ca$hmere Robe & Penthouse Suite); spicy brown (Cinnamon Toast & Hella Honey); and plum pink (V.I.Pink & Million Dollar Deals). No word yet as to its official release date, though founder, Huda Kattan, promises that it will be some time "soon".