Juliette Has A Gun makes its return to Singapore

Juliette Has A Gun makes its return to Singapore

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Image: Juliette Has A Gun

Niche French perfumery Juliette Has A Gun is back on our shores with six, sexy scents that will shake up your fragrance wardrobe

The first time we were acquainted with the brand Juliette Has a Gun, it was selling in a cult boutique Blackmarket in the Arab Street area and founder Romano Ricci was here to promote it. This was circa 2009, and Ricci, the great grandson of designer Nina Ricci, had chanced upon a idea that was both of its time and inherently modern: Perfumes that were less about romance, softness and whimsy, and more about the grit, glamour and empowerment of females.

The brand's bestseller, Not a Perfume, was one that we personally adored then, for its strong, ahead of its time concept — a fragrance created out of a single note, Cetalox, that was traditionally used as a basenote in scents. The result? A pure, minimalist juice and linear composition that allowed your true scent to also take centrestage as it smelled different on each individual. In fact, it pretty much preceded the trend for simple, uncomplicated fragrances that culminised in scents like Glossier You.


If you're keen on sampling what the brand has to offer, you'll be glad to know there are six, classic Juliette Has a Gun scents on offer including the aforemetioned Not a Perfume, Lady Vengeance, Mmmm... and Anyway. Each comes with a different twist and point of view — Mmmm... is incredibly sweet and juicy thanks to notes of vanilla and raspberry while Anyway, is a quieter, everyday blend of lime, neroli and ambroxan. The scents are all meant to be layered, so wear them on bare skin, or blended together in your own bespoke concoction for that je ne sais quoi that everyone covets. Also available are travel sprays in an ultra chic bullet shape that you can distil your favourite scent in and carry with you throughout the day. Perfume as a weapon of seduction? Why not?

$165 for 100ml bottles. Available exclusively at Sephora Ion