Jessie J is the new face of Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylip

Jessie J is the new face of Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylip

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Text: Renée Batchelor

English singer Jessie J is known for having a big, fearless personality and even bigger voice. Here's why she's the right face for Make Up For Ever's new lip line

If you've seen Jessie J in concert — like we have — you know she can command an audience. Not just with her gorgeous voice, but with her bewitching stage presence. Jessie J is also a big believer in beauty, switching up her hairstyles from buzz cuts to bobbed wigs, playing with colour and makeup to transform her look. So it's no surprise that she's turned up as a collaborator with Make Up For Ever, who have already worked with Charlie XCX and Icona Pop in previous campaigns. The brand says, "As an artist, Jessie J expresses her creativity through her music and also through her looks. She enjoys transforming herself and creating characters to reveal who she is, using makeup, colour and energy. As a professional makeup brand, Make Up For Ever unlocks the possibility of endless self-transformation for everyone and allows every individual to discover, and ultimately create, their own inner artist." 

Make Up For Ever Artist Acrylip
The product that Jessie J will be representing is a brilliant, new hybrid that creates a whole new lip category, not just for the brand but in makeup. Dubbed the Artist Acrylip, this bold lip paint was inspired by the intensity of acrylic paints and the malleable, stretchy texture of body paint. Thanks to a blend of a vegetal ricin oil that gives an intense, high-coverage colour and the 'wetting' properties of castor oil that gives each lippie its colour intensity, what you get is an exuberant, vibrant effect on the lips.

And to get that non-greasy and non-sticky effect that all lipstick lovers crave, the brand has mixed a clever formula consisting of mineral clay for a consistent texture, silica gel to fill out fine lines and a 3D matrix gel to absorb any excess oils. Talk about a winning formula. To create multi-dimensional lips like Jessie J, you can even blend and use more that one colour at a time — try creating an outline in a darker shade and applying with a brush for precision, and blending a brighter shade for the rest of the lip. Finally add a pop of lightly-contrasting colour in the inner 'O' of the lips. With an easy-to-use slanted sponge applicator that hugs the contours of your kissers, and gives a uniform dose with just one stroke, you'll be able to paint up the lip of your dreams and really get creative.

$33 each. Available from January 2017 in 10 shades at Make Up For Ever counters