Jennifer Lopez may be starting a new makeup line

Jennifer Lopez may be starting a new makeup line

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Jennifer Lopez is reportedly creating a range of bronzers. This begs the question — will there be more makeup to come and where to do we place our pre-orders?

Jennifer Lopez is one of our original queens of makeup, and with good reason. Her flawlessly contoured face is one of the most recognisable miens in the world. The words JLo and bronzer go together like peanut better and jelly, so it makes perfect sense that she's almost ready to join the world of celebrity makeup. The tricky bit? Lopez was not the one to officially make the announcement. Rather it was eagle-eyed fans who spotted a comment from her longtime makeup artist Scott Barnes on his Instagram in answer to a question on the bronzer that she is wearing in the image. Barnes' response? "I'm using a bronzer that @Jlo is making... it's pretty amazing!! Shhh." Adding to the mystery is the fact that Barnes appears to have since deleted the comment. Did he let the cat out of the bag too soon? Is her makeup line's URL and Instagram account about to be revealed at any moment? We have so many questions.


So will she or won't she? Fans are speculating that it will not be just a bronzer that she drops, but other signature products from mascara (girl rocks her false lashes) to caramel nude lip glosses to a sexy smoky, eyeshadow palette. The possibilities are endless and frankly for those of us who grew up in the noughties, JLo is the OG glam queen, way before the Kardashians and even Rihanna made their mark. Either way, we can't wait to see what the singer/actress/mogul has up her glitter-covered sleeves. Miss Lopez, if you're out there on the world wide web listening, here are the products we would like from you as seen on your Instagram feed.

Known for rocking high quality mink lashes, they may not be friendly to animals, but if there's anyone who can peddle couture faux lashes, it's Jennifer. While you're at it... a solid, red lipstick will not go amiss. 


Fun fact: In real life Lopez is actually pretty fair complexioned, but you wouldn't be able to tell it from her skilfully-applied foundation, bronzer and highlighter that always looks flawless. We're hoping she will bless us with the perfect liquid foundation that blends like a dream and looks like our natural skin (but sprayed over by the makeup gods). And a highlighting and contour palette to give us her cut glass cheekbones won't hurt.


Lopez is a literal smoke show, and she's able to pull off the most dramatic smoky shadow without looking like panda with a day-old hangover. Hit us with the inky blacks, carbon greys and all the other bold shades that will help us pull off this gritty glam look. And the true queen of the overlined lip contours needs to debut a signature range of nude liners and matching glosses for every skin tone. The people demand it!