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Radiant becomes her

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The House of Dior debuts a brand new fragrance and it’s one that embraces living your best life, starring Jennifer Lawrence

Great things take time to happen. Like the finest of wines or a vintage leather jacket, it took 20 years before Joy by Dior was ready to make its grand entrance. An original blend that tells an untold story of the House, this latest olfactory creation is an ode to happiness and a gift to women, one that celebrates the Dior ideals of femininity, luxury, and an unfettered love for life. And the nose behind the ambition to capture the essence of joy? The maison's master perfumer, François Demachy.

In a bid to express the encompassing spectrum of everything that represents happiness, Demachy has bucked tradition by not defining the fragrance with the traditional formula of top, heart, and base notes but instead provides an olfactive interpretation of light. Meant to envelope the senses like a sensorial layer that intoxicates, it fits neither categorisation of fresh, heady, floral or milky. Its blend of florals and citruses such as bergamot, jasmine, and rose are harmonised with mellow woods and evanescent musks to create a luminosity that comes through just a bit differently according to every individual's unique — and intimate — perception of happiness.

Joy by Dior

"This perfume resembles certain pointillist paintings that are rich with a precise, yet not too obvious, technique. Each of us perceives light, without thinking about it, in our own way," shares Demachy. "It is constructed in a similar manner thanks to multiple nuances and myriad facets, which lead to a crystal clear fragrance expression. It required a lot of time, development and abstraction, but in the end, it has an immediate and lively presence."

To understand the magic of Joy, just look to Jennifer Lawrence who embodies the fragrance not just as its face but also as a generational icon of a modern woman living life to its fullest (coincidentally, Lawrence is Joy, the title character of a biographical comedy-drama film). Seen diving into shimmering waters with abandon and basking beneath the sun, couture gown and all, she smiles and laughs in her own unique light. This here is the dawn of a new olfactory code devoted to happiness, and it's one that you make yours.

Joy by Dior

Joy by Dior is available from September, $115 - $240

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