Jeffree Star’s surprising response to Tati Westbrook’s accusations, Kylie Skin sunscreen, and other beauty news

Jeffree Star’s surprising response to Tati Westbrook’s accusations, Kylie Skin sunscreen, and other beauty news

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Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @jeffreestar

1. Jeffree Star finally resurfaces online with a surprising response to Tati Westbrook's video.

In an unexpected twist of events, Star has opted to stay mum despite Westbrook's damning video condemning him — and long-time collaborator, Shane Dawson — of feeding her "poisonous lies" pertaining fellow beauty guru, James Charles. He's also stayed quiet when it came to Shane Dawson's cancellation as well as the removal of Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson products from Morphe shelves. And while he hasn't posted anything on his personal accounts just yet, he's made a triumphant return to the Internet via reality star Blac Chyna's Instagram account. At this point, Star's continued radio-silence is probably the most shocking thing about the entire controversy.


2. Kylie Skin has dropped their first-ever sunscreen.

The protecting and hydrating face sunscreen boasts SPF 40 capabilities as well as priming properties that help ensure makeup stays in place all day. And that's not all: it seems the inclusion of vitamins A, C and E allow for thorough skin moisturisation without leaving behind any greasy, tacky residue. All you need for a hot girl summer, indeed.


3. TikTok star, Abby Robers, will be launching a weekly YouTube series.

You might recognise her as the maestro behind the hyper-realistic makeup transformations on your Instagram feed. So far, she's turned herself into notable faces such as Edward Scissorhands, Timothée Chalamet, and Jojo Siwa — and will continue to do so for her YouTube channel. Roberts has expressed her excitement for the project and claims that it will "bridge the gap between the two platforms, introducing the fast-moving trends of TikTok onto the more mainstream YouTube." And that's not all when it comes to our favourite beauty gurus this week...


4. Mykie hints at starting her own makeup line.

The self-taught special effects makeup artist came into prominence thanks to her knack for spooky, Halloween-inspired beauty looks throughout the years. While fans have been clamouring for a dedicated makeup line since her arrival on the scene in 2014, she only recently hinted as to the possibility of her own brand, where she replied to query in that vein with a series of cryptic shushing emojis. Interesting, alright.


5. Pat McGrath Laboratories has unveiled an all-new volumising and lengthening mascara.

The sister to cult-favourite mascara pick, FetishEyes; Dark Star comprises a zero-gravity formula with quantum micro-pigments and a custom-carved applicator to deliver on lifted, sculpted, and "seriously unreal" lashes. We're sold. Scoop them up when it hit shelves beginning 14 July.


6. Ruhens launches the first-ever Vitamin C shower heads.

Shower head filters, to be exact, that emanate a lavender, lime, or rose scent all while eradicating 99.99% of harmful chlorine as you shower. Beyond that, it also claims to infuse water with pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C that benefits the skin and hair, thus reducing hair loss and moisturising the skin.


7. NASA has designed a fragrance that smells exactly like outer space.

The scent replicates how space actually smells like, and was designed by NASA in a bid to prepare astronauts for their missions beyond Earth's atmosphere. Aptly named 'Eau de Space', it supposedly harbours an odour remiscient of "gunpowder, seared steak, raspberries and rum."


8. Maison 21G debuts a new perfume workshop.

Dedicated for people under 21, this workshop comes at a special rate of $90 and allows participants to create their own perfume and express their individuality. Partakers can enjoy the course by themselves or with a small group of friends — there will, naturally be safety protocols put in place at the atelier to ensure safe distancing.