Jeffree Star’s surprising career move, Drunk Elephant’s expansion into makeup, and other beauty news

Jeffree Star’s surprising career move, Drunk Elephant’s expansion into makeup, and other beauty news

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Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @jeffreestar

1. Jeffree Star has revealed that he will be distancing himself from the community.

This was disclosed in an interview with E! News, where he assured viewers that he will be "focused on positivity in the future." This will be achieved via disengaging from the skincare and makeup sphere — of which he has already shown progress in. "I have zero contact with all of those people," he said, in reference to several prominent beauty gurus and YouTubers.

He then went on to add, "I know that may sound like a crock of sh*t from one of the most dramatic people in the makeup industry, but I'm generally in a really good place mentally, and I definitely wasn't before." Star has also stayed mum as to what this means for the future of his makeup line, but we trust we'll hear about it soon. And on that note...


2. Shane Dawson hints at his return to YouTube.

Yup, it's likely that Star's partner-in-crime will make a return to YouTube sometime soon. He revealed via Instagram that he will not abandon his channel "after 15 years of creating," and that his current hiatus is credited to his commitment to "stay in a good mindset and be happy." No word yet as to if he'll be dipping his toe back in the beauty realm, or if he'll be venturing out into new forms of content entirely. Watch this space for updates.


3. Drunk Elephant branches out into makeup...

... with a new blush titled O-Bloos Rossi Drops. This bad boy come with a boatload of skincare benefits, too, with the inclusion of omega oils and essential fatty acids ensuring that one's complexion stays soft and soothed. Beyond that, its lightweight, watery texture is said to grant a natural wash of colour to all miens, dubbed a flattering "nobody knows why you're flushed flush." Sweet. Bonus: it can also be safely mixed with your other Drunk Elephant products.


4. KVD Beauty taps Nikki Wolff to be their latest Global Directory of Artistry.

The celebrity MUA will provide her insights on new product development and innovation as well as act as the lead artist on campaigns and marketing efforts. Both parties have released glowing sentiments about each other via a press statement, with the label expressing excitement as to Wolff's ability to "deliver tattoo-inspired makeup to consumers." Mazel tov!


5. Dr Dennis Gross does sunscreen.

Meet the All-Physical Lightweight Wrinkle Defense Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF30. As its name suggests, it is an anti-ageing variant that goes beyond shielding your skin from UV rays. Rather, it aids in skin regeneration; treats fine lines and wrinkles; as well as correct the effects of photodamage and hyperpigmentation. One for the hall of fame? Only time will tell, but we'd certainly bet good money on it.


6. Caudalie will be releasing their first-ever natural deodorant.

Talk about branching out beyond skincare. Caudalie's debut foray into body care takes the form of a deodorant that boasts long-wear capabilities for up to 24 hours. Think odour-neutralising; bacteria-reduction; and even hydration — without any nasties in the vein of aluminum or silicone. We're into it. Snap it up from Sephora shelves beginning 24 June.


7. Glow Recipe announces a new addition to their cult-favourite watermelon line.

And that's the Watermelon Glow Hyaluronic Clay Pore-Tight Facial. With professional facials currently unavailable, this baby proves to be the next best thing. It touts similar results where consumers are promised a smoother, more pore-refined complexion in a matter of minutes. It also proves gentle enough to be used both in the AM and PM. In short: a product developed for your convenience. What's not to love?