James Charles is accused of predatory behaviour, Sophie Turner’s meaningful new ink, and other beauty news

James Charles is accused of predatory behaviour, Sophie Turner’s meaningful new ink, and other beauty news

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Text: Emily Heng

1. James Charles is engaged in a feud with YouTube personality, Trisha Paytas.

To be fair, it's been a hot minute since Charles was involved in any form of controversy. We did think he'd make it out of 2020 unscathed — but alas, it seems the Internet has other plans. This time, he faces "predatory" allegations due to his bond with popular TikTok user (and 16-year-old dancer), Charli D'Amelio. These claims come from Trisha Paytas, a 32-year-old singer and YouTuber, who jumped in with her two cents after D'Amelio came under fire for her entitled behaviour in a YouTube video she posted titled, "Dinner with the D'Amelios."

Charles came to D'Amelio's defense, claiming that it didn't sit right with him that "30+ year olds [were] dragging someone half their age." It was at this point then Paytas spoke up, coming after Charles for hanging out with a minor and citing it as inappropriate. This was a sore point for Charles considering how he was mired in a similar scandal last year. He immediately took to TikTok to clarify his stance, stating, "To insinuate that the relationship between Charli and I is anything other than just a friendship is absolutely disgusting." With the way things work in the beauty YouTube sphere, it's safe to say that this is probably a developing story. Stay tuned...?


2. Sophie Turner pays tribute to her daughter, Willa, with a sentimental new tattoo.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted the small "W" on her wrist when Turner was out and about last week. She later took to Instagram Stories for the big reveal, showing off the minimalist design that perfectly complemented her "J" ink; a homage to husband, Joe Jonas. We doubt it'll be the last we see of this letter tattoos — The Dark Phoenix also has a dainty "G" inked on her pinkie to remember her grandfather.


3. Matthew McConaughey comes out as a gifted fingernail clipper.

Yeah, we're not sure how the topic came up for discussion in the first place. Apparently, McConaughey disclosed in an interview with Empire Magazine that he was "extremely talented" at clipping his nails. He then went on to elaborate, "I'll get a headlamp on, glasses. Sit down with a cocktail and have a nice 45-minute session. It's very relaxing to me for some reason." We're not sure what to do with this information, actually. We suppose we'd classify it under fun facts to know about McConaughey and call it a day.


4. Fans are distraught that Nicki Minaj is contemplating perming her hair.

When in doubt, get a second opinion. Or, uh, in Minaj's case, everyone's, we suppose. Her recent mirror selfie shows off her natural, textured locks in all its glory, followed by a caption asking fans if she should get a perm so she'll have "real hair to match my real big ol ghetto booty." This immediately drew a wave of dissent from supporters and celebrities alike, with Kelly Rowland declaring a succinct, "DON'T DO IT!!!" Singer, Monica Denise, suggested Minaj instead "get a silk press and call it one." And in other surprising hair-related news...


5. K-Pop star, Kai, dyes his hair neon green.

Did we mention that it's long, neon green locks? This comes as a surprise, seeing how Kai had opted for more conventional colours and styles previously. Still, the departure from his previous image is a natural one as he stands on the precipice of his first solo venture, "음 (Mmmh)". The teaser video has already seen 1.3 million views in anticipation of the drop come 30 November.


6. Boy Smells has partnered up with fashion label, Ganni, to launch an autumn-inspired candle.

Named "Park Life", it is housed in a chrome green vessel and harbours Ganni's smiley face emblem on the box. The inspiration behind the scent? To Great Outdoors, or, well, to bring the outside in, if you will. This translates to notes of "ginger, basil, fig, sage, clove, tonka bean, and sandalwood."


7. L'Oréal Professionnel is commemorating the release of their new colouring services and dyes with renowned bubble tea brand, The Alley.

The launch of six new Dia Light dye shades (Natural Frosty Milkshake; Natural Pearly Milkshake; Iridescent Icy Milkshake; Pearly Mocha Milkshake; Natural Frosty Blonde; and Pearly Mocha Dark Blonde) as well as an ammonia-free colouring service is certainly cause for celebration. The Alley has, hence, added three new flavours to honour the occasion. Tantalise your tastebuds with Crunchy Strawberry, Crunchy Cocoa, and Crunchy Tiramisu Milk Tea — all of which will be available from now to 31 January 2021.