Is gravity-defying skincare a reality?

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Is gravity-defying skincare a reality?
Dior Capture Totale has a reboosted formula that promise to lift your skin even more

There's nothing like having a beautiful, lifted and glowing complexion for the new year. After all, no one wants to look like a The Walking Dead cast-off (complete with the dark circles, and sallow, saggy skin to show for it) even if you've been partying like it's 1999. Put aside the champagne (and the panadols) and stock up on some good skincare in the new year.

Eva Herzigova for Capture Totale

Through their research on skin Dior has found that gravity, works on skin in a specific way. Says neuroscientist Dr Arnaud Aubert, "The experiment we conducted with Dior showed how facial features modified under the influence of gravity can impair the subjective impression we have of the face's beauty. The sagging of the T-zone, bringing down with it the main identity points, from the eyebrows to the jawline, including the corner of the eyes and mouth, consequently visibly mimics and accentuates negative expressions (sadness, fatigue, bad moods, etc.), and even masks positive messages (happiness, vitality)."

Wow talk about having a perpetual bad face day that's sending off signals that you're angry, upset or exhausted even when you're not. To fight these face-changing effects, Dior's Capture Totale now comes in a new La Crème Multi-Perfection formula that is even more powerful that previous incarnations. With a boosted longonza extract, the cream is able to help fight the effects of gravity by ten fold. By firming the dermis (the deepest layer of skin), the skin also gets a multifold boost — the complexion is tighter, smoother and more radiant over time. Fussy about your skincare texture? The new La Crème Multi-Perfection comes in three variations to suit every preference. The Universal texture is a fine, velvety melt-in cream. The Rich texture meanwhile, envelops the skin in a comfortable, ultra-nourishing, coccoon. Finally, the Light Crème has a transparent texure and airy sensation on the skin that is perfect for Singapore's hot and humid climate. If creams are not your usual moisturiser of choice, the range also has a Multi-Perfection Emulsion.

Capture Totale Makeup

Fans of the brand's ultra-popular Capture Totale Serum Foundation can extend their skincare routine with this lightweight base — it's also enriched with the Longoza-Cellular Complex to combat wrinkles, dark spots and a lack of radiance while smoothing and evening out the complexion. Now that's some hardworking cover-up.

From $107-$235. At Dior counters and stores from 1 January 2016

Text: Renée Batchelor

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