Ioma has a nifty device to check your skin’s hydration level with just one click

Ioma has a nifty device to check your skin’s hydration level with just one click

Go high tech

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Behold the skincare of tomorrow as Ioma drops its Youth Booster formula in a re-launch that comes with a one-click hydration sensor

The mythical fountain of youth is now a reality, and it's no act of miracle (sorry, Good Friday) but a result of science and technological research by French personalised skincare brand Ioma. Hot on the heels of its In.Lab Ma Crème unveiling that saw its signature No.1 Day and No.2 Night creams notch another level of innovation, Ioma now unlocks the third part to super skin with the No.3 Youth Booster. Re-issued, re-formulated, and re-packaged, this all-inclusive product even comes equipped with a piece of space technology — the emerging next-level skincare standard, it would seem — better known to the NASA community as MEMS because that's the same gifted micro-sensor on the Mars Rover.

You got it; NASA-grade technology is now in the palm of your hands. Thanks to its beliefs in constant innovative, Ioma's genius has seen to it that the micro-sensor's abilities have been re-purposed to read the level of hydration in our skin by way of a user-friendly device that also doubles up as the Youth Booster's cap. Using LED lights to indicate moisture level in real-time, it goes from a one to six (one being 'queen of moisturising' and six spelling 'SOS alert') and can be administered as and when you want a skin analysis with results in only three seconds.

Ioma No.3 Youth Booster

A true test of its efficacy however, is with regular use of the Youth Booster. Delivering a hydration factor that penetrates deep into skin upon contact, the reformulation includes catiosphere ceramide, a new intelligent active ingredient that is able to target the dry areas to stabilise, fill and restructure the cells. Essentially, the damaged areas of the skin will be revived as the Youth Booster further layers its hydration with detoxing, renewing and protecting functions to give your skin a 360-degree treatment to bring back your youthful glow (read: Anti-ageing on speed). You could even rate a dreaded six on the handy MEMS sensor, but as soon as the first dose of Youth Booster and the serum will already reduce your dehydration by a few LED lights — this has been tried-and-tested by yours truly, just so you know. Proudly coined by Ioma as a 'techno-glam' treatment, why not get yourself on the programme and up your rating, stat?

Ioma No.3 Youth Booster is available at Ioma Isetan Tampines and Robinsons The Heeren from 1 April, $270