A perfect pair: Introducing Penhaligon's Luna and Endymion Concentré

A perfect pair: Introducing Penhaligon's Luna and Endymion Concentré

Star-crossed scents

Text: Renée Batchelor

Find out why Penhaligon's two new scents Luna and Endymion Concentré — inspired by Greek mythology — are worth a second sniff. And why even women can wear the scent that's meant for males

If you know your Greek mythology, you might know the story of Endymion — said to be Zeus' most handsome son. For Endymion however, his good looks were a bit of curse, more than a blessing, as the Goddess of the moon asked Zeus to put him in perpetual slumber so that he would never age, and she could gaze upon him glorious visage forever. While kind of a creepy move, we can somewhat relate. The English fragrance house already named one scent after him, Endymion — a personal favourite of ours  — and now they add a different version, the Endymion Concentré to its collection. A new and more intense iteration of the original, it is an Eau de Parfum to the original cologne.
Constellation bottle
This semi-oriental scent is a soft and intoxicating fusion of spices, leather and florals, grounded by a leathery suede. Opening with sage and lavender, this reveals the sensuality of suede blended with geranium. Warming on the skin, the leather notes and hints of creamy nutmeg reveal themselves as they blend seamlessly with incense for a sweet and seductive base. Although both versions of Endymion are made for men, there's nothing to stop a woman from wearing these warm, quietly compelling scents. We find them both very addictive — you'll find yourself sniffing your wrists and each has a kind of refined elegance that is sometimes missing in women-centric scents.

Luna EDT and Endymion Concentré EDPAccompanying Endymion is Luna an Eau de Toilette. A fresh floral that is a feminine counterpart to the woody and leather notes of Endymion Concentré, this moon-inspired scent is hypnotic, subtle and and intoxicating in its sensuality. The fragrance opens with the bitter freshness of orange bigarade, while the heart notes boasts the crispness of juniper berry. Rounding off the intensely wearable juice, is a dark woody base made with a blend of fir balsam, ambregris and musks. Buy one, buy both. Pair them together or switch with your partner. Fragrances are all about preferences and what smells good on you, so a dose of adventure — and maybe some inspiration from Greek mythology — is always welcome.

$170 each. At Penhaligon's stores now