Into the blue with Biotherm Blue Therapy

Sea legs

Into the blue with Biotherm Blue Therapy
Biotherm Blue Therapy gets an upgrade with a new accelerated version of this anti-ageing serum

How do you make a good thing even better? Biotherm literally dove deep into Greenland's glacial waters to harvest Alarai esculenta — a seaweed similar to the antioxidant-rich wakame. This plant not only survives in low temperatures of around 16°C, it has the elasticity to survive the pounding of a whopping 8,000 waves a day. 


What it does for the skin is firm and regenerate it, such that visible differences can be seen in just seven days (talk about fast working). In one week expect luminous skin and less visible pores. In four weeks, even more obvious results like the diminishing of fine lines, dark spots and cheek folds will be evident. In eight weeks you'll be a dead ringer for Gigi Hadid. Okay, the brand doesn't promise that, but you'll come pretty darn close to her youthful, plumped-up complexion.

Blue Therapy Accelerate

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Text: Renée Batchelor

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