In bloom: Shiseido's fresh new fragrance

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In bloom: Shiseido's fresh new fragrance
With its brand new Eau de Parfum Ever Bloom, Shiseido explores the idea of a fresh femininity

Shiseido is well known for its high-tech skincare and makeup — particularly its whitening skincare technology and fashion-forward colour collections under Dick Page — but the brand has another untapped franchise – fragrance offerings. After a few years, Shiseido finally unveils its newest fragrance pillar with a new Ever Bloom Eau de Parfum, created by perfumer Aurélien Guichard. He said "I imagined a transparent floral heart, clean and natural. An abstract flower that you can't quite identify, a flower with a "blurred" outline. A silky, soft liquid that envelops skin. First of all, I looked for a way to find the scent of a woman's neck, very pure and dewy."

The result is a fragrance with a luminous, soft, floral accord created with a blend of flowers like orange blossom and gardenia. In a sleek, glass bottle, the pink liquid of this fragrance has a decidedly feminine and girlish feel as compared to the opulent sophistication of Shiseido's classic scent Zen. The fragrance also comes in a different version, the Extrait Absolu, a more concentrated form in a 20ml bottle. Says Guichard, "My vision of the Shiseido woman is a radiant, graceful woman. When she enters a room, she does not need to be noticed. She will be remembered. This extrait is the perfect embodiment of that woman — delicate and unforgettable." Made with a rich, humectant base, this silky scent wears extremely well and is potent – just a one time application is needed.

Available from November at all Shiseido counters

Text: Renée Batchelor

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