What if your moisturiser could do more than just hydrate?

What if your moisturiser could do more than just hydrate?

Pretty plump

Text: Renée Batchelor

If you want a moisturiser that works harder on skin rejuvenation, the new Biotherm Aquasource Everplump is the answer

If there's one area that a woman wants to be plump, it's her face. After all, a plumped-up face with full, lifted cheeks screams youthful skin. But as we age, things head south and one of the first obvious signs is saggy jowls, permanent lines and a face that has lost its original volume. That's the reason so many women opt for fillers to restore the ideal shape to their faces. Another fun fact? Your 30s is when signs of ageing begin to really show, as dehydration lines become permanetly etched into the skin.
Biotherm Aquasource Everplump, from $55-$69

Biotherm's new Aquasource Everplump contains thousands of micro-drops of moisture that break on the skin surface releasing hydrating agents. While it feels like an ordinary gel moisturiser, it works like a skin replenisher, smoothing out fine lines, and leaving a velvety finish on the skin — so you don't need a primer. Best of all it works almost instantly, giving three days worth of moisture in just one application and having a skin re-plumping quality in just seven days — so your lines look softened and less obvious. Like an injection of moisture into the skin, this is one hydrating product that really gives you refreshed-looking skin in an instant.


From $55-$69. At Biotherm counters and Sephora outlets from May