IDS' improved skincare range (literally) rebuilds your skin for a more resilient complexion

IDS' improved skincare range (literally) rebuilds your skin for a more resilient complexion

Better than ever

Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @idsskincare

We all like to think that we're doing the most for our skin. SPF is slapped on daily to fight UV rays, moisturisers are slathered liberally to counteract dryness, and double-cleansing is an everyday routine to ensure a clean, gunk-free complexion. And while this goes a long way in protecting and preventing skin from further damage, it does nothing to address damage already sustained.

Attributed to constant exposure to blue light, UV light, and environmental pollution, external factors such as those induce a 'wound response' within the dermis — when the skin doesn't repair itself, lesions form and manifest as hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles.

While most skincare brands' collagen-boosting serums reverse those effects with decent efficacy, some say many formulas lack the ability to reintroduce elastin (aka that youthful bounce) to the dermis, a key trait to younger-looking skin.

Local skincare label, IDS, answers the call with a solution of their own. Enter Neulastin, a trademarked innovation that stimulates not only collagen, but also elastin production, for rapid skin repair, restoration and rejuvenation. Affectionately termed 'wound-healer', it grants your complexion a clean slate, undoing as much of the nasties as possible so your war-torn skin is rebirthed more resilient than before.

This discovery has led the brand to reformulate their star products to allow for the inclusion of Neulastin. From moisturisers to eye treatments, their new-and-improved skincare line has you covered. BRB, we're going to hit checkout on our shopping cart right now.