Huda Beauty Skin is underway, Birds of Prey viral hair tie moment, and other beauty news

Huda Beauty Skin is underway, Birds of Prey viral hair tie moment, and other beauty news

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Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @hudabeauty

1. Huda Kattan gives a sneak preview of Huda Beauty Skin's first product.

The founder is keeping mum on the exact details of the brand's first drop — and name, too, with Huda Beauty Skin serving as a placeholder until the big reveal — though she did disclose that this is her go-to product for "glowy, smooth, and even skin." Consider our interest piqued.


2. 'Birds of Prey' movie features a relatable beauty moment that has gone viral.

Harley Quinn's next instalment will only be hitting the big screen 6 February, but the film is already generating buzz thanks to the release of a clip featuring... a humble hair tie. The scene has Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) pausing mid-fight to hand team mate, Renee Montoya (Rosie Perez) a ponytail holder — because it's never realistic to punch someone out when you have all that hair in your face. Finally, someone gets it. Now, is it too much to ask for other action flicks to follow suit?


3. Beauty influencer, NikkieTutorials, has identified her blackmailer with the help of police officials.

This comes two weeks after de Jager revealed that she's transgender, and that she was forced to come out after someone threatened to sell her story to the press. In her latest video, she informs viewers that the authorities have hunted down her blackmailer, but she is choosing not to divulge their identity as she'd rather let the positive outcome of her video "serve its own kind of justice." Way to be the bigger person, Nikkie.


4. KVD Vegan Beauty steps forward to announce what 'KVD' stands for.

Fans were confused when the newly-launched label retained the controversial businesswoman's initials for their name, despite assurances that Von D would not be affiliated with the brand in any manner. This then prompted a spokesperson to make an official statement, clarifying that KVD actually stands for "Kindness, Vegan Beauty + Discovery (and Doing good)." Hmm, catchy.


5. Dr. TWL Pharmacy launches a fully customisable LipStain Palette.

Helmed by accredited dermatologist, Dr Teo Wan Lin, the cosmeceutical label has expanded upon their comprehensive line-up to include a lip stain palette. In short, eight hues — created and developed based on personal preference — in a single pan, all of which can be mixed and blended further so you'll be able to construct your dream shade anytime, anywhere. The inclusion of ultra-hydrating phytoceramides in its formulation also means you won't be left with a dry, flaky pout even after hours of wear. Stop by their lab, stat.


6. Award-winning documentary, Toxic Beauty, is now available for viewing on Amazon and Apple TV.

Filmmaker, Phyllis Ellis, addresses the beauty industry's blatant use of unregulated chemicals in personal-care products within 90 minutes, detailing the ugly ingredients, processes, and products of note. Fair warning: you probably won't look at your lipstick the same way after this. An eye-opening exposé, indeed.


7. Glow Recipe unveils a new lip treatment from their much-adored watermelon range.

Expect a no-rinse, scrub-to-balm formulation that hydrates, exfoliates, and grants a gorgeous sheen of colour in one fell swoop. How convenient — and apt, considering Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Yes, that's prime time to pucker up, folks.


8. Spa Esprit teams up with Compendium to release a gin-based shower gel.

Listen up, booze buffs. Spa Esprit has teamed up with local distillery, Compendium, to release the shower gel of your dreams. Enter: the Gin & Detox Plantation Shower Gel, which scents the skin with torch ginger, juniper, and lemon peel — aka all the makings of your favourite cocktail. Just be sure not to mistake it for an actual beverage when inebriated.

9. Mattel introduces diverse Barbie dolls featuring vitiligo, prosthetics, and more.

The multinational toy manufacturer made history last year after they unveiled their first-ever Black Barbie in a wheelchair — and as it turns out, they have no plans of stopping their diversification efforts anytime soon. The brand aims to "showcase a multi-dimensional view of beauty and fashion", which translates to the release of hairless-, hijab-, and prosthetic-wearing dolls. There'll also be dolls that have vitiligo, natural hair texture, and realistic body types in 2020. Kudos!