How a doctor skincare line differs from other ranges

How a doctor skincare line differs from other ranges

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Text: Renée Batchelor

With so much skincare out there it can be difficult separating the wheat from the proverbial chaff. Here's how to go for skincare gold

IDS Skincare is a homegrown brand that was started by Dr SK Tan. In case you're not in the know, Dr Tan is one of the foremost skincare doctors in Singapore, amassing a loyal following of clients who adore him for his skill, expertise and excellent manner. But besides offering treatments at his clinic in Novena Specialist Centre, Dr Tan has also helped develop his own range IDS Skincare that retails not just at the clinic, but online and in selected department stores. The idea behind the at-home range is that these propietary blends — which harness Dr Tan's knowhow and clinical research — can be made available to anyone. For those who can't afford the luxury of a one-on-one consultation with Dr Tan, this is the next best thing, and a long-term investment in your skin health. In a similar vein, doctor brands like Dr Dennis Gross, have tried to bring the effects of an in-clinic treatment home to their clients. 

IDS Prestige line

The latest range from the brand is the IDS Prestige, the more expensive version of IDS Skincare with a focus on anti-ageing solutions. IDS Prestige is carefully curated and pushes the limit of what is allowed in over-the-counter skincare. Unlike the typical cosmetics brands sold in department stores, doctor brands tend to focus on efficacy and key ingredients with proven benefits and rely more on clinical testing. Conversely, they tend to spend less on advertising and marketing, relying on word of mouth and the strength of their products to gain a loyal clientale. In this case, Dr Tan has formulated each bottle with the highest level of efficacious ingredients possible, so that users could get the most visible results in the shortest time possible. But besides the clever and fast-working doctor's formulations that we all want and need, the range also has great textures and more luxe packaging, indulging your other senses as well.

Star products from the four-piece collection include the Rejuvenating Complex Plus or RC+ as it's better known to the brand's clientale. The most pricey product in the range at $417, this lightweight moisturiser reduces wrinkles and restores skin elasticity. Potent ingredients like conotoxin (made from the peptide of the cone snail) and GABA help to relax lines and smooth out wrinkles, for a more youthful visage in super quick time. If you can't invest so much in one product, even the brand's Moisture Boost will make a visible difference to your skin thanks to cholesterols, ceramides, free fatty acids and natural oils in the formula. Lightweight and easily absorbed, it's especially good for dry and sensitive skin.

From $144 to $417. Available at Level 2, Metro Paragon and at the IDS online store