Hot scent: The Body Shop's Italian Summer Fig

Forbidden fruit

Hot scent: The Body Shop's Italian Summer Fig
If you're after a fresh, delicate scent that's rich in subtle aromas, try this new fragrance offering

For its newest scent, The Body Shop travels all the way to Puglia in southern Italy for its scent inspiration. The Italian summer fig is a rich and complicated fruit — the scent a bittersweet harmony between the green leaves, milky flesh and comforting woody facets.

Italian Summer Fig

True to The Body Shop's ethos of using only the best raw ingredients, all the figs used in the scent are hand selected and picked at the height of summer in Puglia when the fruit's flesh is at its most succulent and the aroma is at its richest. The perfumers Arnaud Winter and Constance Georges-Picot discovered and fell in love with the scent of the sun-ripened fruit while travelling around the Italian coast. Says Winter, "The aroma of a Puglia fig is as unique as its flavour; lusciously sweet with a slightly nutty composition." To complement the opulent fig notes, ingredients that balance and contrast it include fresh and green grape leaf, crocus, Tuscan rose and base notes of amber and oak wood.

Besides the Eau de Toilette, complementary products are available. For those who prefer a more subtle approach to their personal scent, there's a shower gel and body moisturisers — both a cream and a lotion for layering. But if a full-on scent is not for you, try the ultra-light Fragrance Mist.

The brand also has other scents in its Voyage collection inspired by ingredients sourced from around the world including the Indian Night Jasmine and Fijian Water Lotus.

From $17.90- $38.90. Available now at The Body Shop stores

Text: Renée Batchelor

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