Homegrown brand Jyunka opens its first concept store in Singapore

Homegrown brand Jyunka opens its first concept store in Singapore

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Text: Renée Batchelor

If the name Jyunka sounds familiar, you've probably used its products in a facial salon or even tried its cutting-edge machines. Now the brand is branching out with its own boutique in Pacific Plaza complete with amazing facial services

The first time I ever heard the name Jyunka was when a friend recommended its high-tech serum to me some eight years ago. "It's so good it can even help with your pitted acne scars," she said. Fast forward to 2017 and the brand has grown from strength to strength, with key products like its M+ Fluid and Cell Essence capsules capturing the hearts of its loyal users. The former uses one of the purest grades of L-Ascorbic acid with patented Qu-some technology to help it penetrate deep into the skin so that lines are filled in, sagging skin is lifted and pigmentation is lightened. The Cell Essence meanwhile comprises of pure sheep placenta concentrate, flaxseed oil and marine collagen to lighten pigmentation and reduce skin sagginess. Although pricey, these products have customers coming back time and again, simply because they produce results on the skin. And now the brand has a concept store that not only sells all these innovations, but also offers machine-based facials that can really rejuvenate the skin and provide instant improvements.

Jyunka M+Fluid, $344 and Cell Essence, $288 for 30 capsules

Says brand founder  Jennifer Leng. "Ageing skin is a key concern that everyone faces, and our products are designed to not just heal and restore but also to prevent and protect from deep within the skin. With the opening of our first Jyunka Concept Center, we are pleased to offer our clients the complete pampering and skin-changing experience through our face treatments, complemented by our range of products that they can use at home."
Jyunka Concept Centre

We were able to try the brand's V Ultimate Treatment ($380 for 90 minutes) which focuses on stimulating the skin all the way down to the muscular levels. The facial uses five different machines as well as products and massage to visibly lift and firm the skin. After cleansing, the facial begins with the scrubber, a metal plate that vibrates at ultrasonic speed to mechanically remove dead skin cells that line the superficial layer of the skin. In fact the scrubber reminded us a bit of the dermaplaning trend that has picking up speed, as it also uses a mechanical action to exfoliate the skin. Next, a radiofrequency probe is used to stimulate the skin and help lift it as well as tighten the pores. The next step is electroporation, where a probe generates both negative and positive ions to drive active ingredients used in the facial — such as the M+ Fluid — deep into the skin. A peptide mask is then applied to saturate the skin and seal in the actives before the fourth machine is employed.

The cyro probe, as its name suggests is a cold device that plunges skin into -8 to -12 °C so that it can both stimulate and calm the skin, as well as give it a plumped-up appearance. Next a second stem cell mask, rich in Swiss green apples, is applied to brighten the skin and boost cell regeneration. The final step is the laser, but because it is done by a therapist and not a doctor, don't expect the efficacy of a Nd:YAG or similar medical lasers. This one is quite gentle and actually serves to calm the skin, and remove any redness. The cumulative effect of these five devices (all housed in one machine) was certainly impressive. We emerged with skin that was dewy, lifted and plumped up. Although we had some exisiting acne that the therapist avoided for some of the devices, these areas were not inflamed or aggravated by the facial. We would highly recommend this if your skin is in need of resuscitation or if you have been neglecting it, as the results speak for itself.

From $69-$344 for products. The Jyunka Concept Centre is at #02-05 Pacific Plaza, 6835-7503