H&M's new spring makeup collection redefines urban cool

H&M's new spring makeup collection redefines urban cool

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Text: Renée Batchelor

It's time to experiment with wearable and innovative textures and trends with H&M Beauty's spring collection

H&M and beauty are not two things you would normally associate with one another, but with the launch of the its beauty collection last year, the brand has been growing from strength to strength. Personally, we were impressed with the great textures, colour payoff and of course, the affordable prices that makes playing with makeup even more fun than it usually is. Even the cream and gold packaging is pretty chic.

H&M tuquoise eyeliner

This season, the brand features models of different ethnicities and skin tones, and instead of a one size fits all look, it's all about individuality. "We are excited that this season is all about celebrating who you are and what you want to express. It's about individual beauty. There's no reason anyone should have just one look. It can be all about matte lips and neutrals one day and then focus on shimmer and glow or a strong colour the next. As always, we want to keep things creative and empowering," says Sara Wallander, concept designer at H&M Beauty.
H&M Beauty Smudged eyeliner
Among the trends that the brand has highlighted are flawless skin and H&M Beauty has new hi-tech foundations to provide coverage without hiding your natural glow, as well as innovative illuminating powders and liquids. Because you can't ignore a statement lip, the brand has offerings in both extreme textures, super-matte and ultra-glossy in bold shades like berry, brown and red. On the face, browns are what the brand is banking on. Expect a spectrum of shades from caramel to chocolate to mahogany, as well as audacious accents like yellow and fuchsia shadows or turquoise pops. Metallics are also still in, according to the brand, and like a shimmery dress, can be worn both day and night.

H&M dark red lips

Check out some of our picks below:

From S$7.90-$19.90. At selected H&M boutiques