Hermès new cologne is the perfect after-hours scent

Hermès new cologne is the perfect after-hours scent

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Text: Renée Batchelor

A his-and-hers scent that can last from midday till midnight? Trust Hermès to create the perfect citrus cologne

If there's one kind of scent that spells effortlessness, its a cologne. It's the one perfume that you can be generous with, literally splashing it on to your heart (or nose's content) instead of the delicate dabs or spritzes you would normally attempt with a precious perfumed oil. The Hermès Cologne acts as a gateway into the world of the luxury house's scents.  The newest version the Eau de Citron Noir tells you many things by its appearance alone. First, the midnight blue bottle hints at a certain elegance — and like the unisex juice inside, it doesn't lean towards any gender too much. And second, the word 'noir' in its name, which roughly translates to evening in Frencg, tells us that this is not your usual daytime fragrance. Instead in-house perfumer Christine Nagel wanted to create a midday to midnight cologne that would segue perfectly into the night — again a clever idea, since many of us don't have the time to switch up our scents midday.

Inspired by the universal appeal of Eau d'orange verte, the original Hermès Cologne, Nagel wanted to bring a more contemporary edge to the idea of a cologne — which can sometimes be seen as less complex or sophisticated compared to an Eau de Parfum. As its name suggests, this is a citrus-heavy scent, but the fruits that Nagel used are of a more ununsual variety.  Says Nagel, "Following a path through the olfactory universe of hesperidia led me into a vast world, dotted with surprises, with citrus fruits. Finger lime, Buddha’s hand fruit, Eureka lemon, kaffir lime... So many unusual varieties of citrus appealed to me, but it was the smoky and distinguished black lime that finally stood out as the key note."

The cologne starts with
 the original hesperidium, but it retains a sense of freshness. And the key ingredient, the black lime straddles the line between being a fruit and a spice with a unique, almost metallic scent. To extract its essence, it is boiled in salted water and sun-dried over weeks, gradually developing an aroma that is smokier and more mellow. The result is a citrus that maintains it sense of freshness throughout the day, while having a certain refined touch that elevates it above the usual citrus colognes. Buy this for your his-and-her sinks or for your vacation homes. 

From $132-$238. Available at Hermès and department stores