Creating your own bespoke fragrance can now be had with luxury perfume house Henry Jacques

Creating your own bespoke fragrance can now be had with luxury perfume house Henry Jacques

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

For those whose noses are attuned to the good stuff, Henry Jacques is the couturier of perfume you should pay a visit if you plan on bottling a customised scent

Obsessed with French perfumes? Then you might've gleaned the name Henry Jacques Haute Parfumerie a time or two before. And now the niche maison has brought the traditional art of said perfumery to this side of the equator with its first stand-alone boutique at Marina Bay Sands. From nobility and VVIPS to connoisseurs and collectors, the family-run brand has been in the business of crafting the finest of fragrances for nearly half a century out of its laboratory in the outskirts of Grasse. It is there that more than a thousand different essences are stored, derived from the most premium of natural ingredients such as velvety rose, sumptuous jasmine, sensual musk, and ambergris.

Henry Jacques Haute Parfumerie

Out of this grand olfactory archive though, only 50 of its most popular essences have made their way to our shores, labelled as the new Les Classiques collection. Each one uniquely chosen as part of a diverse selection to represent the universe of Henry Jacques, these pure essences — that's right, no filler alcohol content to be found here — are the stepping-stones to creating your own custom blend, assisted by the boutique's trained staff. But before you make a grab for a bunch of tester sticks to try them all out, take a moment to breathe in the beautifully appointed boutique, designed to resemble an intimate drawing room in a classy French apartment. And it really is French BTW, as every bit of the interior from wallpaper and paneling to the furnishings were first assembled in France exactly to the physical store's dimensions before being torn down, vacuumed packed, shipped to Singapore, then re-built.

Refined with that old world elegance, the absolute attention to detail paid to the interior design is similarly reflected in the fragrances, touting the finest of French craftsmanship with handmade crystal flacons. Sleek and luxuriously minimalist, the bottles come in either 15 or 30ml versions, of which as few as six to as many as 10 or 15 of your most-loved scents can be selected to put together a set that's stored in an antique keepsake chest. But if your heart is set on creating your own customised blend, then go right ahead and dive in nose-deep at being an amateur perfumer.

Henry Jacques Haute Parfumerie

Henry Jacques Haute Perfumerie is located at Marina Bay Sands Hotel Tower Level 01-08A

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