How you can help in the fight against breast cancer

How you can help in the fight against breast cancer

Pink ribbon winner

Text: Renée Batchelor

The Estée Lauder group has championed this cause for a long time and this year they want to raise the awareness through social media

In case you didn't know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) month. Despite all efforts to highlight the importance of early detection and the advances in science, the disease is still the most common cancer in women worldwide. The Estée Lauder group has several activities planned to bring awareness to the cause.

First up their campaign #bcastrength asks the public to contribute posts on Instagram or Twitter or on the website For every action submitted on the website or a unique social media post from 1 October to 4 February 2016, Estée Lauder will donate US$25 towards cancer research. What exactly does that amount get you? Well US$25 can fund 30 minutes of research. Past funding has contributed to the launch of an early-phase breast cancer vaccine trial and the design of a tool that uses a blood test to detect tumour metastasis.

The brand will also be doing a light-up of the Merlion at Merlion Park, Sentosa on the 15 October, bathing the famous monument in pink light as part of its landmark illumination programme. Past landmarks that have been lit up around the world include the Tokyo Tower and the Empire State Building.

If you'd much rather pay it forward there are also worthwhile buys from the Estée Lauder group brands where a portion of proceeds (ranging from $5 to 20 per cent of a product price) will be donated towards the BCA Fund. Looking good while doing good has never been easier.