Have you built your mascara wardrobe yet?

Have you built your mascara wardrobe yet?

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Yes coloured mascara is not just a novelty item, but something every serious makeup aficionado should have in their stash. Here's why

If you own only one shade of mascara, we have to ask why. Coloured mascara is not a new invention nor a novelty item, although many brands do seem to treat it as such, releasing them as limited items for seasonal collections or only in a few colours — think navy, brown or dark grey. But hey if we can have every lipstick shade from blue to purple, any imaginable eyeshadow hue or even nails that defy the natural colour spectrum, surely we can have nine shades of mascara. Yves Saint Laurent Beauté thinks so, which is why the upgraded Mascara Vinyl Couture comes in nine shades, including pink, gold and a category-defying shimmery brown that we're crazy about. Read on to find out why you need this coloured mascara (or three) in your life.

Only like drama in your love life and not in your makeup? Not a problem. Coloured mascara can be selectively applied. Think one colour on the upper lashes and regular black on the bottom lashes or vice versa for a subtle effect. They can also be applied on just the outer corners of the lashes and in dozens of different iterations. Combine them with a contrasting coloured liner for an eye-opening look, or pair them with a matching liner to bolden the impact of a single shade. Certain shades of mascara also work well to bring out the colour of your eyes. Try green if you have hazel eyes. 

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Have you tried other coloured mascara and found them clumpy or that they did not coat your lashes evenly? The new version from YSL has a fluid and transparent base, that is able to absorb a dense coating of colour pigments. What it translates to is high impact colour and a smooth and shiny finish. 

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Vinyl Couture Mascara

Called 'I'm The Endless' this clear shade looks whitish in the tube but goes on transparent. A smudgeproof top coat this can be worn on top of every coloured mascara (or basic black if you so choose) to help them stay glossy and perfect for longer.

$55 each. Available from Yves Saint Laurent Beauté stores and counters from March 2018