Have a crafty Christmas with these Biotherm paper art editions

Have a crafty Christmas with these Biotherm paper art editions

The best cut

Text: Renée Batchelor

Biotherm gets all arts and crafts on us with this collection created with cult paper artist Sabrina Transiskus

Love crafts and paper work but have no skill to do it on your own? Fret not. We can't all be Sabrina Transiskus, the German artist who has become known for her paper artistry. After creating intricate, 'paper couture' pieces for the likes of Chanel and Chloé, she collaborated with skincare brand Biotherm to sculpt and create a hand-cut paper tree. Take home a tiny piece of Transiskus' art as she reinterprets four, classic skincare pieces for the brand. Not only are they pretty to look at, each box sold will contribute towards conservation efforts to aid the Antartic's Emperor penguins — an endangered species. 

If you're a fan of these key products from the brand, namely their Aquasource hydrators, Life Plankton Essence or Lait Corporel cream, they now come in pretty, snowflake-embossed charity editions. Not only do proceeds benefit the aforementioned penguins, the jumbo sizes mean more savings all around for you — a win-win.

Aquasource Charity Edition

If you'd like a full coffret worth of products there are also skincare sets for the women's ranges like Blue Therapy, Life Plankton and Liquid White, as well as the Biotherm Homme sets for the men's ranges like Force Supreme and Aquapower. With affordable prices, these sets are the perfect starter kits for the people in your life who have yet to invest in skincare.

From $58-$129. At Biotherm counters now