Gwyneth Paltrow is criticised for her SPF regime, Cardi B’s hair care label, and other beauty news

Gwyneth Paltrow is criticised for her SPF regime, Cardi B’s hair care label, and other beauty news

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Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @goop

1. Gwyneth Paltrow comes under fire for her "dangerous" sun care routine.

The star of the latest Vogue Beauty Secrets video incurred flak thanks to her flippant approach to sunscreen. According to Paltrow, she employs "a surprisingly minimal touch", where — instead of slathering it upon her moneymaker — she dabs it on her nose and cheeks where "the sun really hits." Eep. The immediately drew the ire of the beauty community, with professionals and skincare buffs reiterating the message that sun care products shouldn't be used sparingly. New York-based dermatologist, Dr Shereene Idris, summed up our thoughts best in an apt tweet, "SPF IS NOT A HIGHLIGHTER." Word. With that being said, it seems that's not the last time Paltrow made headlines this week...


2. Kim Kardashian has received a custom-made Goop "This Smells Like My Vagina" candle.

You got that right: the infamous votive is back — and, this time, smelling of Kim K's lady parts. The beauty mogul took to Instagram to reveal the package Paltrow had sent to her; a box labelled "Kim's Box of Tricks" which contained vibrators and lubricants amongst the loot. No word yet as to if you'll be able to buy said candle, but we have a feeling Kardashian-Jenner will be requesting for seconds.  "I've never been more excited honestly... for the candle," she wrote. "Thank you Gwyneth, I love you. Thanks Goop."


3. Cardi B confirms that she will be dropping a hair care line.

The purpose of said brand? To educate others on Afro-Latina hair. And while she hasn't given any details regarding the launch date or products, she has confirmed that her viral DIY hair mask will make an appearance — though with slight alterations. The rapper then rationalises the need to add other formulas to the blend. "I don't care much for curl pattern cause my hair don't really curl I usually braided so I focus more on growth for mine," she explains. "For my daughter I focus on growth & moisturizing her curls so I been mixing ingredients for her."


4. ITZY is named the global spokesmodel Maybelline New York.

Congratulations are in order, it appears. This marks the first time a K-Pop girl group has been asked to rep the label, where they'll be joining the ranks of Hollywood bigwigs such as Gigi Hadid and Storm Reid. Maybelline New York's global brand president, Trisha Ayyagari, reveals that the decision was made as she was drawn to how dynamic they are both as a group and individuals." Catch them make their first appearance hawking Maybelline's Hyper Easy Liner and Ultimatte Lipstick.


5. Chloe x Halle are the new faces of Neutrogena.

The sister act took to Instagram to reveal the news, where they posted a short video featuring the brand's Skin Balancing Cleansers. "Finding the perfect skincare routine is not easy, but with Neutrogena we glow from the inside and out," they wrote. "We are so happy to be a part of such a beautiful family, and we are even more excited to share this journey with you all!" We foresee more great things to come.


6. Desi Perkins will be launching a skincare brand.

Mark your calendars for 8 April. The YouTuber and entrepreneur will be releasing some fresh new formulas on the day, though it seems she's holding back on dropping the rest of the deets. Instead, she's left us with a cryptic Instagram caption addressing how she has "worked so hard not only on educating myself in skincare, but also developing incredible formulas that I know you will love, too." Fingers crossed.


7. Glow Recipe introduces a new serum to their line-up.

The Avocado Ceramide Recovery Serum is touted as the ideal fix for anyone who suffers from an easily sensitised, stressed-out complexion; a lightweight milky formula that cocoons miens to strengthen the skin barrier all while eradicating redness. A godsend in these mask-mandated times, indeed. Snap it up when it hits stores 9 April.