Goop’s vagina candle explodes, Billie Eilish speaks up on the lip filler accusations, and other beauty news

Goop’s vagina candle explodes, Billie Eilish speaks up on the lip filler accusations, and other beauty news

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Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @billieeilish

1. Gwyneth Paltrow's vagina candle exploded into flames.

Yes, that's the infamous Goop Smells Like My Vagina votive. According to British newspaper, The Sun, the candle belonged to London resident, Jody Thompson, who lit the candle for the first time this week - only for it explode, spawning huge flames and sending bits flying everywhere. And while Thompson and her partner were able to get the fire under control, both parties expressed trepidation and fear over the apartment burning down. A brand rep has since stepped up, clarifying that Thompson's candle was not bought through official Goop channels, which means the company is unable to verify its authenticity. Big yikes.


2. Billie Eilish claps back at haters who claim she's gotten lip fillers.

She also had to shut down rumours that she overlines her lips, we might add. The criticisms began rolling in when Eilish posted a picture of a passport-style photo on her Instagram, which prompted haters to begin to hurl vitriol on the state of her pout. This was exacerbated by news outlets such as Cosmpolitan and Yahoo! Style, who claimed that Eilish's lips were "noticeable fuller thanks to ombré lip liner." A Twitter fan account then came to Eilish's defence, stating that this was her "beautiful natural lips." Eilish immediately shared the post on her Instagram stories with the caption, "y'all I have literally never overlined my lips in my liiiiiiiiife. I haven't even worn lipstick since I was 13 pls." And that's the final word on the subject.


3. Michelle Obama reveals that she was wearing Fenty Beauty on inauguration day.

Amongst various other BIPOC-owned brands, it seems. We're still waiting upon a full-fledged hair tutorial for 'em bouncy curls, but in the meantime, the former First Lady has divulged the secret behind her snatched makeup look. The line-up comprises Fenty Beauty, Pat McGrath Labs, Lilly Lashes, and more. Longtime MUA, Carl Ray, further explains his inspiration behind the look in an interview with The Cut. "I wanted her to have a powerful beauty look that was classy, bold, and confident; but all of that would also need to be achieved through the top half of her face only." And speaking of gals in positions of power...


4. SheSpoke is launching a lipstick collection in tribute to women in politics.

The collection is titled "I'm Speaking"; a callback to U.S. Vice President, Kamala Harris's, retort to Mike Pence after repeated interruptions on his part during the 2020 Presidential Debate. It includes a shimmery lip gloss and three lipsticks, all of which are inspired by Harris, the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Stacey Abrams.


5. Dr. Dennis Gross is all-set to launch their first-ever body product.

Fans of the cult-favourite Dr. Dennis Gross Daily Peel are sure to love their upcoming Alpha Beta Exfoliating Treatment. Comprising potent acids, enzymes, and bakuchiol, these bad boys are designed to instantly polish and firm the skin, improving upon the appearance of ingrown hairs and keratosis pilaris. Witness the magic for yourself when it launches on the Sephora e-store come 2 February and in-store 18 February.


6. Beauty and lifestyle YouTuber, Samantha Ravndahl, launches a makeup line.

Glow by Auric prides itself as a cruelty- and gluten-free label crafted to help your mien achieve an ethereal glow. This is done through star product, Glow Lust; a luminizer that can be mixed with your skincare or foundation to add a dewy, radiant sheen. No word yet as to the rest of the line-up, though there have been rumours that there will be some pressed shadows released, too. Fingers crossed.


7. Sunnies Face is now available for purchase on Shopee.

Bid adieu to those extravagant shipping fees. Makeup mavens can now get their paws on the fan-favourite Fluffmatte Lipsticks, Airblush Cheek Tints, and Lifebrow Grooming Gels on Shopee. Just in time for CNY, we say.