Glossier is accused of racism and transphobia, NikkieTutorials was robbed at gunpoint, and other beauty news

Glossier is accused of racism and transphobia, NikkieTutorials was robbed at gunpoint, and other beauty news

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Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @ronanksm
Image: Instagram | @glossier

1. Former Glossier employees accuse the brand of anti-Blackness and transphobia.

An Instagram account, Outta The Gloss, was first set up on 13 August, with their first post being an open letter to Glossier's founder, Emily Weiss. In the caption, ex-employees detailed instances of "anti-Blackness, transphobia, ableism, and retaliation" they experienced. They then went on to talk about how Glossier's values of diversity and inclusivity were merely performative, and demanded action in the form of anti-racism training as well as accountability from Glossier's CEO.

The brand eventually took to their own Instagram to respond, where they acknowledged that "there was more work to be done" and that they would begin to build a better work environment. Outta The Gloss then posted their response thanking the Glossier for the apology — however, they also pointed out that the company's retail employees had yet to receive an email from the company detailing their action plan.


2. NikkieTutorials revealed that she was recently robbed at gunpoint.

The beauty YouTuber was noticeably absent from the social media sphere for several days. Upon resurfacing, she posted on Instagram with regard to her harrowing experience, explaining that she and husband, Dylan Drossaers, were attacked. She then goes on to reassure fans that they're fine physically, but will be taking some time to recover mentally.


3. Jackie Aina is set to star and produce a documentary on Black beauty influencers.

Titled Social Beauty, it is said to give an exclusive look at the lives of notable Black beauty influencers that have made a significant impact on the industry. According to Hollywood Reporter, it will feature bigwigs such as Cydnee Black, Nyma Tang, Alissa Ashley, and more. Aina stepped forward recently to make a statement about the project, declaring it a honour to be a part of it and expressing her excitement over how "people will see that so many of us are passionate, multifaceted, and more than what you see outwardly."


4. Supreme will be launching their first-ever lipstick with Pat McGrath.

Designed for the brand's fall/winter 2020 collection, it will be housed in a gold-lipped tubed emblazoned with the Supreme logo and harbours Pat McGrath's cult-favourite MatteTrance formulation. That means customers can expect a lightweight lippie with a long-lasting matte finish. The shade is, naturally, titled Supreme, and is said to be an "instantly iconic bright red." Unfortunately, no launch date has been announced, but we suspect it'll be hitting shelves sometime soon.


5. Ariana Grande has dropped her sixth perfume.

R.E.M — based off the track from her Sweetener album — contains notes of fig, salted caramel, lavender, and tonka bean, all of which comes together to form "an intergalactic dream of femininity and power." Scoop it up now online from Ulta, or wait until it hits physical stores beginning 30 August.


6. Joe Jonas has bleached blonde hair.

A bleached blonde buzzcut, to be specific. The singer broke the news via Instagram Stories, revealing his new 'do sans caption. No explanation needed, we suppose.


7. Kylie Cosmetics is now doing falsies.

The news broke when the brand revealed their summer collection, a nautical-themed dream comprising an eyeshadow palette, lip kits, and eyeshadow sticks. Falsies, however, is unexplored territory for the brand — well, until now, that is. Jenner later disclosed via Instagram Stories that she first decided to do false lashes for the label when she removed her eyelash extensions during the pandemic. "I've been experimenting a lot with strips again and individuals, and these are everything," she goes on to add.


8. Burberry Beauty will be opening a new counter at BHG Bugis.

And bearing a fresh new look, we might add. The latest concept is envisioned by the brand's Chief Creative Officer, Riccardo Tisci, and it will be the first-ever counter in South East Asia to bear the latest design. See it for yourself when it opens 28 August.