Gloss with greatness: Chanel Beauty Talks Episode #4

Shiny, happy people

Text: Renée Batchelor

Lily-Rose Depp talks lipgloss and how there are no such things as natural colours with Chanel's Lucia Pica

Is anything cooler than the insoucience of youth? With her smoky drawl that belies her 17 years, Lily-Rose Depp is the embodiment of millennial ennui (in a good way). Watch as she reveals, how she's always been opininated about fashion and beauty — she's dressed herself since she was a tot, and was the go-to makeup artist for her friends since she was 12. Depp explores the new Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss and the idea of how there are no natural colours, only ones that you feel comfortable in and not.

Next, watch as Pica shows Depp how to change up her lip colour using the brand's innovative new topcoats to deepen, brighten and transform her existing colours. One is orange, one is black and the third is gold. Pica deepens her red lipstick while Depp brightens her pink kissers, as they try the topcoats out and use the gold as a highlighter for their lips. Makeup has never been more playful and customisable, making it the perfect tool for the expressive, creative and individualistic woman of today.