Girl with a pearl compact: Sulwhasoo ShineClassic makeup

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Girl with a pearl compact: Sulwhasoo ShineClassic makeup
If you like a bit of girlish luxury in your makeup, you'll adore these limited-edition compacts from Sulwhasoo

If you're a fan of Sulwhasoo skincare, you should look out for the brand's annual, limited-edition makeup collection the ShineClassic Makeup series. This year, the brand works with accessory craft masters Lee Hyung Kyung, Koo Eun Kyung and Lee Hye Mi, on a concept that is inspired by traditional Korean patterns, materials, and techniques. We love the vibrant colours and striking, textured patterns on the compacts. It helps that mother of pearl has been used for the past three years to give these compacts an added touch of luxe.

Sulwhasoo open compacts

Available in two variations, the ShineClassic Powder Compact is a skin-toned powder that imbues skin with a delicate and transparent veil of colour. The ShineClassic Multi Powder Compact, meanwhile, acts as a blusher — there are four shades that can be swirled together and applied, or brushed on colour by colour to highlight and scuplt the cheekbones and face. And because this is Sulwhasoo, what you're buying is not just makeup that beautifies your complexion, it improves it as well. The powders both contain an antioxidant plum blossom extract to protect the skin as well as a super-pure powder for ultra-refined, clear skin.

$188. Available at Sulwhasoo counters and their boutique from December

Text: Renée Batchelor

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