Gigi Hadid's makeup collection for Maybelline is unexpectedly chic

Gigi Hadid's makeup collection for Maybelline is unexpectedly chic

Drugstore cowgirl

Text: Renée Batchelor

Image: Instagram: @gigihadid

The latest celebrity to get her own makeup range, Gigi Hadid's collection for Maybelline is something you'll want to get your hands on

We've already written about what was probably the biggest makeup trend in 2017 — the celebrity makeup line. So it isn't surprising that the trend is going full steam ahead. And after the Balmain x L'Oréal Paris collaboration, there's another drugstore makeup brand that is making waves with model Gigi Hadid. The model released the first pictures of the full collection and we were instantly impressed with the sleek, nude-toned packaging (not quite millennial pink, but still on trend) and the sophisticated results when worn, as modelled by Hadid herself. Thing to note: The prominent splashing of the Gigi Hadid brand, and the slightly retro packaging and shapes of products like the mascara and lipstick.


We kind of expected more natural tones, since Hadid famously favours more nude makeup, so it was surprising to see bolder hues like smoky eye colours and red lipsticks featuring in the East and West Coast collections. Hadid has already said that Jetsetter Palette (modelled below) is the perfect touch-up kit when she's on-the-go. On her Instagram Hadid wrote, "I always wanted a palette that I could throw right in my purse or travel bag and know I have everything to do a light, everyday look, quickly and easily. I didn't want to have to open my makeup bag in the car or on a plane and take all the products out and worry about dropping anything or having somewhere to set it while I held my mirror. The Jetsetter Palette includes contour powder/bronzer, blush, powder highlight, concealer, lip gloss, eye shadow, black powder liner, a mini mascara, mini blush/contour and liner/eyeshadow brushes and a mirror I love mixing it up and using the lip as cheek tint, the eyeshadow to fill my eyebrows, blush on my eyelids, concealer as a nude lip base, etc. It's the most luxurious touch-up ever! Can't wait to see how & where you use yours!" We have to agree that this in one seriously comprehensive palette and definitely worth the price tag of US$29.99. 

The collection is available exclusively on Ulta Beauty in the US and Boots in the UK, so you'll have to act fast (and gather all your contacts) to get your hands on one of these. Hadid has written on her Instagram that the Boots online drop for the Jestetter Palette has already sold out, and it seems like the rest of the collection will likely follow.


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