Get that glow: Guerlain spring 2016 makeup

Get that glow: Guerlain spring 2016 makeup

Pearly brights

Text: Renée Batchelor

Guerlain is known for it glow-enhancing powders and primers. Here's what they have on offer for spring

Any beauty junkie worth her weight in concealer knows that if you want to get that inner glow you have to start from the base up and not just slap on illuminating products at the end. Guerlain has a wide range of makeup colours and fragrances — but they also pioneered the Météorites. I remember lusting over those colourful pearls of colour as a child — though I had no idea what they were used for. Fast forward two decades and I have a better idea.

For spring, the brand's Météorites Voyage comes in beautiful, precious packaging. Meant for travel, this compact version of the original Météorites — that contains compressed pearls — brightens areas of shadow and enhances the curves of the face by helping them catch the light. This brings out the face's luminosity and radiance in all the right places.

Météorites Base, $107 and Météorites Voyage, $253

But before you add that glow, start with the Météorites Base, which contains suspended rosy pearls that remain 'fresh' till the moment they're dispensed. What they do for the skin? Create a luminous glow that doesn't appear too shiny — or oily in this weather.

The colour products in the range are also super cute as they come embossed with cheerful messages. The healthy, pink blush has the word 'smile' on it, while the buttercup yellow, limited-edition eyeshadow has the word 'enjoy'. To round off the collection are long-lasting eyeliners and two lip-smackingly cool pink lippies.

Rose aux Joues, Blush Duo in Smile, $91 and Écrin 1 Couleur Long-Lasting Eyeshadow in Enjoy, $49

From $39-$253. At Guerlain counters