Get smart: Clarisonic Smart Profile

Get smart: Clarisonic Smart Profile

Brush with greatness

Text: Renée Batchelor

The revolutionary sonic cleansing brush upgrades itself yet again with brilliant new technology

If you're a fan of Clarisonic's sonic cleansing brushes, chances are you've bought more than one brush head to fit on your Clarisonic Plus or Aria. With an extensive range covering a variety of uses – from the Velvet Foam Body Brush Head to the new Pedi Smoothing Disc – the makers of Clarisonic have really thought of everything.

But now they've gone a step up by actually creating smart brushes. The new Smart Profile brush heads for the face and body use a Radio-Frequency Indentification chip that communicates with your device to instruct it on the correct speed, frequency and appropriate cleansing interval, so you get the best and most efficacious cleanse each time.

Accompanying the brush heads is the Smart Profile device. It has been designed with a turbo function that allows you to increase the power of the brush speed on specific areas of the face that need deep-cleansing, making it a whopping eleven times better at removing makeup than using just your bare hands. It is also infinitely more user-friendly as the the speed, operating mode and battery-life are clearly visible on the brush. There's even an indicator to let you know when it's time to replace your brush head. If your cleansing device gets any smarter, you'll be out of a job soon!

Clarisonic Smart Profile is $330 and will be available from September