Get fresh-faced with this new Black Tea Essence

Get fresh-faced with this new Black Tea Essence

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Text: Renée Batchelor

To face the challenges of modern day life. Fresh has developed a multi-tasking essence that promises better, healthier skin

When it comes to improving your skin it can be daunting taking that first step. Whether it's moving on from soap and water or the drugstore cleansers and moisturisers many of us start off with, it can be difficult ascertaining your next step. Our recommendation? The new Black Tea Kombucha Facial Essence from one of our favourite skincare brands, Fresh.

Used after your cleanser and before your other skincare, this Essence targets two of the biggest problems in modern life — city pollution and free radical damage. In case you were wondering why your skin tends to look tired, greyish and literally weathered when you're in cities, it's because toxic elements from auto emissions, cigarette and industrial smoke, smog, dust and dirt tend to wreak havoc on your skin. Another ageing accelerant are free radicals which arise from a lack of sleep, stress and even consuming processed food. Free radicals attack healthy skin and the destabilisation from that process leads to the breakdown of skin collagen and the degradation of elastic fibres, which contributes to dull, sagging skin. 

Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence

Don't let the watery, liquid texture fool you. This fresh treatment essence is potent, powered by kombucha, an ingredient that is produced through the fermentation of sweet black tea and two micro-organisms. This essence has an eight-fold effect on the skin: It boosts luminosity, clarity and lustre, smooths skin texture while it decreases dullness and signs of fatigue, so skin is rosier, more hydrated and resilient.

$108. Available from January at Fresh and Sephora stores