Get chatty: Chanel Beauty Talks Episode #1

Natural woman

Text: Renée Batchelor

Find out how to get that fresh-faced glow via Chanel's Lucia Pica and supermodel Gisele Bündchen in the first episode of this web series

When it comes to getting Gisele's enviable glow, it seems less is more. Start with a hydrating serum, put on some foundation, only where needed, and add a touch of blush — in creative spots like the nose bridge to fake the look of a sun tan — and you're good to go. Oh yes and some mascara never hurts.

And if you're wondering how Bündchen keeps her skin looking fresh and youthful, check out her clever tip of 'highlighting' her famous freckles. Don't have any freckles of your own? Psst... why not add some anyway with a brow pencil.

And finally if you want natural, but defined-looking brows without going into drag queen territory, check out Pica's — who is the brand's global creative makeup and colour designer — tips on creating the perfect brow. We think the trick of drawing your eyebrow in an upwards motion is a stroke of genius.