Get a renewed complexion with Laneige's new line

Get a renewed complexion with Laneige's new line

Perfect skin

Text: Renée Batchelor

Want youthful, tightened skin? The Perfect Renew line recharges and reenergises a tired, ageing complexion

Ever wonder what makes a baby's skin soft, plump and bouncy? The scientists at Laneige have studied the skin structure and found that good skin has perfectly formed 'baby triangles'. Skin that has aged and is time-ravaged meanwhile, loses this distinct structure. This makes our skin feel lifeless, dull and rough over time.

To the rescue? The brand's Perfect Renew range that has been upgraded with a Skin Rebirth technology that works on the PYCR1 gene — the youth gene that supplies energy to the skin cell. Like a battery recharge, this helps activate the skin's energy so that the skin is hydrated and revitalised. It also restores the structure of the epidermis — the outermost layer of skin — so that the baby triangles are tightened and skin has that youthful, bouncy quality once again.

Perfect Renew Regenerator

The key product in the range is the Perfect Renew Regenerator, but other products in the range, from refiners to moisturisers work in synergy to enhance the skin's barrier, hydrate and smoothen the complexion.

From $55-$88. At Laneige counters in January 2016