From the grapevine: How Caudalie's Vinoperfect range brightens your skin

From the grapevine: How Caudalie's Vinoperfect range brightens your skin

Drink up

Text: Renée Batchelor

Yes, there's more to grapes than that bottle of malbec you love polishing off. This French skincare company has discovered how the sap of the grapevine can actually save your skin

In the bid to discover the best skincare cures for eternal youth, we go to many sources. From natural ingredients to the science-y route, there are no limits to what does actually work on the skin. And sometimes unexpected sources provide the best anti-ageing solutions. Think SK-II's pitera that comes from the sake fermentation process, and now, the sap from the grapevine.

Says Caudalie's founder Mathilde Thomas, "In former times, women in the vineyard used to coat their faces and hands with grapevine sap to diminish dark spots and illuminate their skin from working in the sun.” Inspired by this use for the precious sap, the brand created vineferine, the star ingredient in their bestselling Vinoperfect range. The range is both chemical and oil-free making it perfect for this climate, and also for those who seek 'cleaner' skincare. Viniferine not only protects and repairs damaged skin and helps prevent UV-related darkening, but also guards skin against the effect of pollution and environmental stresses, so your complexion looks more clear and radiant.

Vinoperfect range

While the range includes a brightening essence, serum, day moisturiser and night cream, it's star product is the Radiance Serum. The vinoferine in the formula is said to be 62 times more effective than vitamin C — the go-to skin brightener in many brightening ranges. The Vinoperfect Radiance Serum was recently tested on Asian skin in clinical trials, with great results. It reduced the appearance of acne scars, pregnancy masks and freckles by as much as 18 percent. Already named the number one, anti-dark spot product in France for nine years in a row , this product is both  powerful yet gentle on skin. This combines the viniferine at its highest concentration of 1000ppm with olive squalene, yet has a light and milky texture and is immediately absorbed without that greasy feeling. Your new dream serum is here, and yes, you heard it from from the grapevine.

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