Fresh's zodiac soaps are the cutest way to lather up

Fresh's zodiac soaps are the cutest way to lather up

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Zodiac symbols can be found on everything from gold pendants to art pieces, but Fresh reivigorates the market with the return of its zodiac-themed soap collection

If you know anything about horoscopes, then Fresh's zodiac soap collection is sure to entice you. The 12 signs of the Western zodiac are featured on the brand's beautifully-patterned soap wrappers — with each sign corresponding to one of twelve different scents. Leo's, known for their large-than-life personalities, get the fruity Mangosteen, while the three water signs — Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer — get the aquatic, floral Waterlily, the warm and spicy Patchouli and the classic, citrus Fresh Life respectively. The brand has even resurrected its discontinued scent, the popular Sugar Passion, to represent Aries. Not into soaps at bath time? These luxury soaps can be used to scent your lingerie drawer or your closet.

And if you're asking the golden question that every horoscope enthusiast worth their salt wants to know — the answer is yes. These soaps are Susan Miller-approved. The famous astrologer to the stars has actually provided readings that accompany each soap along with her personal beauty tips. Each oval soap also comes with a mini stone attached to the string that ties it up — completing its presentation as a tiny, but perfect package. Libras get a rose quartz while Tauruses get an aventurine. Great as housewarming gifts, little presents and stocking stuffers come Christmas — just be sure to note the birth date of your recipients, and these will seem charmingly personal, yet not too intrusive.

$25. Available from November at Fresh stores