FlowerByKenzo: white is the new red

FlowerByKenzo: white is the new red

Text: Andrea Sim

Kenzo Parfums’ iconic red poppy has a scentless ivory counterpart, and it’s the muse behind the brand’s new offering

The white poppy is a symbol of peace and purity and perfumer Alberto Morillas was inspired to create a scent that encapsulates its gentle beauty. Picking out a bouquet of flowers from the same colour family, he combined the ginger flower, white freesia and white peony with pink grapefruit and guava to create an aquatic floral scent that is sweet yet fresh. White musks and creamy woods add a velvety final touch to the white poppy's prescribed aroma. 

Like its predecessor, the fragrance is housed in the same slender curved bottle, but with a red-stemmed white poppy embossed instead. This garden in a bottle is the modern city woman's portal to nature in a concrete jungle. 

FlowerByKenzo L'eau Originelle is from $79 and is now available at Kenzo counters