Floraïku fragrances are how we’d imagine poetry to smell like

Floraïku fragrances are how we’d imagine poetry to smell like

Literary masterpiece

Text: Emily Heng

Inspiration can strike in many forms; a notion, it seems, that perfumers are intimately acquainted with. Evident in the barrage of newly-launched scents that claim to be inspired by everything from secret gardens to (literal) feathered fowls, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to the art of fragrance-making.

It is an approach embraced by luxury fragrance brand, Floraïku. Japanese haikus are cited as the inspiration behind the brand's philosophy: perfume as a poem. Much like a haiku, each Floraïku fragrance is composed of short, sensual yet striking notes, with a succinct description for each scent — in the form of a haiku, of course — found engraved at the back of the bottle. Strong branding? No doubt.


Currently, three collections are available: Enigmatic Florals, comprising scents that smell of flowers, leaves, and branches; Secret Teas and Spices, or scents bearing a blend of spices and tea-based notes; as well as Forbidden Incense, which is characterised by woody, smoky aromas. All perfumes are packaged in cases similar to Japanese Bento boxes, and comes equipped with a 10ml refill and an intricately-designed cap that allows for users to combine together to use as a separate travel spray. When you've reached the bottom of the bottle, bring it back to the retailer for a refill — both the flacon and cap are made to last. Stylish, innovative and environmentally-conscious? Be still, our beating hearts.


Below, the full range to get you started on your scent-sual journey.

Floraïku fragrances and home collection is available at Escentials Paragon and at

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