Find out what treatments are in store at the new Chanel Au Ritz Paris spa

Find out what treatments are in store at the new Chanel Au Ritz Paris spa

Coco's way

Text: Renée Batchelor

The next time you're in the City of Light, drop by the Chanel Au Ritz Spa for a pampering treat

We've been waiting with bated breath for the opening of the exclusive Chanel Spa in The Ritz Paris, since the news was first announced last year. And finally, more details about the spa have emerged. Coco Chanel has always had a strong history with the legendary hotel, so for the brand to open its first ever fully-fledged spa there, is only fitting. Coco Chanel herself always believed in the power of reclaiming time and reclaiming oneself. What better way to kick back and literally get some 'me time', than with two of the biggest names in French luxury.
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The backbone of each Chanel treatment is the art of massage. Says Chanel, "Massage is the backbone of the Chanel beauty ritual, playing a fundamental role in the treatment through a reinterpretation of the best of Western and Eastern techniques. To each her own personalised cocktail of expert procedures. But for even more individualised care, Chanel has gone beyond to create a signature massage inspired by several care methods, and in particular fasciatherapy." Fasciatherapy targets the fasciaw — fine membranes that protect the structure of the entire body. According to Chanel, "The expert explores the fasciae with her fingertips, pinpointing the tense zones of the face and body. Alternating between micro-movements, drumming, effleurage, pressure at specific points, and slow, deep, precise strokes, the massage induces a bodily reaction that releases blockages. An intricate interlacing work that involves all the tissues, from the deepest to the shallowest, tuning the body to bring it back to its natural harmony."

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If you're wondering what particular treatments will be offered, you can look forward to Le Grand Soin — a customised facial treatment with a massage that can last between two to three hours, as well as specialised 90-minute treatments that use the brand's signature skincare ranges to enhance and revitalise the complexion. Among those on offer, include the regenerating Sublimage facial as well as the lifting and sculpting Le Lift one. If massages are more your thing, try L'Allure de Chanel, a rebalancing body treatment that uses five, exclusive perfume oils. The men weren't forgotten too, with a special facial treatment created just for them. It seems no detail has been spared to give guests a complete, sensory experience. And for the lucky few who can secure a booking, a coccoon of wellness and luxury surely awaits.