You can now experience 111SKIN facials at Robinsons

You can now experience 111SKIN facials at Robinsons

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Scientific luxury brand 111SKIN has opened its counter in Singapore, and now offers its high-tech facials as well

We've already written all about 111SKIN and spoken to its founder Dr Yannis Alexandrides. And while we're certified fans of the brand's innovative and effective face masks, we haven't yet had the chance to experience a full-blown facial. 111SKIN is known in particular for its cryotherapy facial, and for its unique, 111CRYO whole body cryotherapy chamber in the pish posh Harvey Nichol's in London. No, we weren't fortunate enough to jet down there to try this invigorating treatment first hand, which is said to help firm the skin and even aid in fat reduction. But we were able to try the Cryofacial — (along with three other signature treatments) —at the 111SKIN cabin in Robinsons The Heeren. 

What's on the facial menu? A small, yet comprehensive collection of treatments that target four, main skin concerns. First up, the brand's Dramatic Healing Facial ($190, for 60 minutes) is just the thing you need after an intensive laser treatment or if you have sensitive skin. This helps heal and rejuvenate skin using the brand's signature NAC Y2 Complex. The fact that this was initially designed for post-surgical recovery — founder Dr Alexandrides is after all a plastic surgeon — makes it ideal for soothing sensitised and reddened skin. If you want an intense dose of hydration, the brand has a Meso Infusion Hydration Facial ($190 for 60 minutes) that infuses a cocktail of actives equivalent to that of getting in-clinic mesotherapy, to restore radiance and hydration to the skin. This is also great pre- and post-travelling as it ensures that skin is able to adapt to changing climates better.

If what you need is a lifting and firming treat, the Non Surgical Facial Lift Facial ($290 for 60 minutes) is worth a gander. The priciest facial of the lot, this uses the brand's premium Black Diamond range to reduce wrinkles and stimulate muscle tone and blood flow around the cheek, forehead and jawline for a slimmer and tightened visage. What we were interested in trying was the signature Cryotherapy Energy Facial ($220 for 60 minutes).

This facial puts the 'brrr' in brace yourself as controlled, targetted cool air and pure CO2 is applied on the skin to enhance your cell's efficiency. While not as cold as the temperatures in the cryotherapy chamber, it still was slightly chilly on our skin. This is a pretty no-frills facial, in that it involves cleansing, a 15-minute long cryotherapy treatment using the Cryoair machine to blow the cool air on your skin, followed by an application of the Daily Orbit Energising Essence and the Y Theorem Repair Light Serum. The session ends with a 12 minute long application of the Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask (another bestseller from the brand) to further add a soothing, hydration boost on the skin, while the therapist gives a hand massage ingeniously using the leftovers of the mask solution on our arms and digits — waste not want not. As promised, we emerged with skin that looked energised and more radiant and felt intensely hydrated, in under an hour. To send the message that hydration was important, we were even given a glass bottle of fancy mineral water to replenish our fluids internally. If you're looking for quality products, fast results, and an efficient (yet relaxing) treatment this is definitely worth a try. 

Available at the 111SKIN cabin at Level 1, Robinsons The Heeren